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Really we are! Click here for images, videos, and rumors on what we've been doing, and how close we are to the next patch.

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By the Beard of Pathos, it's sad how a couple of well organized whiners can put a halt to a mod for over a year!

Now that the dev team has control over at least this MSC ModDB entry (if not the thousands of others various "fans" have made), we're gonna clean this up and try to straighten out the rumor mill a bit.

The primary thing we are waiting on is a new (non-buggy) code release from MiB, as somehow our central code database developed some nasty and unexplainable glitches, despite all the careful commenting. Once that's in, we should be good to go for a release.

In the meantime, we've got a bunch of new maps in, or nearly in, that we're working up scripts for, including:

Rickler's Shahaddar Palace
Skillasaur's The Wall
J's/LittleFrodo's/Little-G's Nashalrath
Dridje's Tutorial Map

We've already finished scripting for:
LittleAznBoi & Dridje's Derwintwater
Dridje's Gertenheld Caves
J's Thanatos
AmIAnnoyingNow's Kharaztorant Fortress

We've also several other map rebuilds, remakes, and expansions in the beta package we're currently assembling.

We're also expecting Rickler's SorcBurg sometime soon (in fact, knowing him, he got it done in his sleep three weeks ago, and is just waiting on us to show him some scripts for Shad Palace.) So, it maybe all this waiting around for MiB's code is a good thing, as it gives us a better chance of releasing all these maps together with the patch, rather than piecemeal afterwards.

In addition to new stuff, we're also revamping a lot of old stuff... We got some new boar models:

HD Link:
(Me thinks it was unwise to parody NS2's teasers, knowing full well that NS2 may very well be released before our patch. ><)

And a new day/night transition FX system:

HD Link:

Amongst a great number of other changes.

There's some pictures of a few of the pending maps and models scattered around the Images section.


Nice videos!! I hope you guys release this soon!!! Whats that tiny guy in the middle of the screen, at the bottom?

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That tiny guy is is your character

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