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It has been one year since we started No Man's Land. What has happened this past year?

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Hey Everyone,

It has been one year since we started developing No Man's Land.

The game has gone through many changes, ups, downs, and fine-tuning throughout the year.We originally started with a small team of artists that grew to extend into friends with talents in music, writing, editing, and programming.

Our original idea was to create something simple enough that we could finish and polish, but most importantly was fun! We really wanted to take our strengths as visual artists and create an interesting world with unique characters that fit into a Steampunk WW1 setting. I believe we have succeeded in bringing our vision to life through our art.

However, through development all of our programmers have found work at other studios shortly after they started work on our project. Needless to say, these have been roadblocks that have really pushed us back.

We are Indie. Our budget is non-existent. We work on games on our own time and with our own money. We do not take a paycheck for working on this game or any of our projects. Everything we have put into our business is out of pocket. We are passionate about art, games, and putting our skills to the test to make something people will enjoy and wouldn’t dream about doing anything else.

But, games are not just about art. They require massive technical work and skills, which we just don't have at the moment.

This means that we will unfortunately be putting No Man's Land on hold until we can either raise funds to hire a full time programmer, or find someone willing to join us pro-bono.

Until that day we will continue to develop small ideas on our own and see where they take us, as well as continuing to do freelance artwork for other people's amazing projects. We will always be passionate about games, but art is really where we thrive.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest in Black Howler Studios and No Man's Land. If you would like to hire us to create art for your project or think you would be a good fit to join our
team as a programmer we are always available at:

Best Regards,

Black Howler Studios


Hm this is pretty sad because i was looking forward to it, but understandalbe too, Gl with your professional lives regardless.

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VincentVanHoof Author

Thank you for understanding!

It is sad to put it on hold, but we just don't have the resources or team to bring it to a high enough polish on a technical level at the moment.

We will continue making art in the entertainment industry and hopefully we can come back to this someday!

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I wish I had the funding to see you guys through, but so long and thanks for all the fish!
Was kickstarter ever considered for this project?

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I figured something like this happened. No worries, peeps, continue doing it on your own time. We'll be waiting patiently. ;)

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