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Happy Halloween Part 2 of 3, Stay tuned for more Halloween treats to come later today.

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NMRiH Audio Update #3 October 31st
Voice talents of Maxx, Reliclord, Radcon The Mighty, Gamegus, and Dman757


00:28 Introduction
01:36 when is the moddb description coming in, or detailed description in general
02:41 Will players be able to choose their character models or will it be random?
03:34 Whats the average players per server?
03:46 Will players be able to have custom sprays?
04:05 Making use of multi-core processing?
04:58 If there's 8 players and X of them die. Hows that gonna effect the zombie respawn? Will it continue as normal or drop?
05:51 How will zombies spawn, will we see it happening or how will it work?
07:23 Will you be able to go back to back to exploit the spawning process?
08:21 Will characters from the story be playable characters?
08:43 Will there be maps where you play through story events?
09:07 Will there be maps in Europe or is it only America?
09:42 Will there be spectator mode?
10:51 Limit on voice communication distance?
11:30 Are there going to be map specific zombies/special zombies?
12:11 How is the inventory system manages and will you be able to increase its size?
12:54 Are zombies afraid of fire
13:08 How will player healing be done?
14:03 Will we be able to throw weapons to specific people?
15:02 How many survival models/zombies models will be out on first release?
15:48 Will the fgd come out on release?
16:26 How will the disappearance of corpses be handled?
17:19 When someone dies will they have a scripted voice that calls out?
17:58 How will the triggering of audio track work?
18:49 What kind of sound scape's and ambient tracks can we expect to hear?
20:42 How will giving ammo to other players work?
21:10 How will attacking with a melee weapon work?
22:08 Will weapons show visible damage after lots of use?
23:14 Sniper game mode...?
24:05 Estimated percentage of the mod completed?


Hahahaha at 4:24 when one of you starts laughing.

:DD rofl!

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Gothic here... XD thank you for the amazing update.

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28WLIH Not as catchy. Haha the last question music. you reaize you never told us =[

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