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Changelog for the upcoming closed beta. Please read carefully.

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While people are still busy playing with the pre-Alpha demo, the development team is working hard to bring more content to the next update. First lets start of with the new class: the Auto Rifleman

About the Auto Rifleman

BF2 2015 06 29 20 32 50 22

BF2 2015 06 29 20 31 37 16

Auto Rifleman aka Support Gunner's job is to suppress the enemy units and providing support to teamates nearby. A standard Spectre auto rifleman carries a silenced m249 as well as smoke grenades and c4. The supressor enables the auto rifleman to provide suppressive fire while being hidden from sight.

BF2 2015 06 29 20 20 44 33

BF2 2015 06 29 20 20 22 96

Meanwhile the acog sight on the gun enable the auto rifleman to carry out long range engagement effectively. The only way to deal with the auto rifleman is to remain hidden or having a marksman to take him out. If you get caught running in plain field, you're a dead man.

New character models and woodland skins

BF2 2015 06 29 20 25 57 21

(Deus Ex's sunglasses+ Bionic arm)

BfMeshView 2015 06 29 21 17 23 5

BfMeshView 2015 06 29 21 17 48 4

Nothing much, just some new skins.

Final Note

The Alpha v2 will be up in a few more weeks (hopefully). If you cant wait for the next version, you can download the current version of the mod here:

Nightfall Alpha Demo v01

ps: add me on steam: kanamezero (Koala's former account. Now he got a new one)

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This is just a great looking mod in general.

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