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Nightfall New Competitive Mode and Some News about whats going on.

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It has been a while since this page last updated. Most of the developers are having their exam while some of them are busy joining the Bersih 4.0 event in Malaysia (more on that later).

Brand new search and destroy mode (temporary name)


Using Jones' Town Strike map as template, we managed to create a similar search and destroy mode just like the one in counter strike. The devs are working hard to polish the game mode before further release. For those who are not familiar with this game mode, i've created a short guide below.


You have 20 tickets with 5 team members. Your goal is to destroy any one of the radar station in the map.

wmplayer 2014 09 20 21 03 14 71

This is how a radar device looked like.


You have infinite number of tickets and 5 members but if one of your radar station is destroyed, you're done for. Defend the radar station at all cost.

New attachments for guns

BfMeshView 2015 08 28 22 04 23 4

AK 103 finally has a new assault variant! The silencer has been removed and replaced with tactical light.

BfMeshView 2015 08 28 23 16 07 6

A new sidearm has been added: the Shorty 12G. It is a more futuristic version and the mag can hold 7 rounds instead of 2. It enables the support class to clear certain narrow areas more effectively. Keep in mind that those guns are some alternative version or prototype of our real world weapons. Some stats and handling may vary from real life so please dont take it too seriously.

About Bersih 4.0 event in Malaysia

malaysia bersih 4

Some of the developers are going to the upcoming bersih event in Malaysia. This event is important because it will effect the future of Malaysia (my homeland). More details of Bersih can be read here:

The whole MOFO Developer team supports this event fully and hope that the world will pay more attention to what is happening in Malaysia.

Sad news: A canceled map

BF2 2015 08 28 21 31 20 99

Actually we planned to include a modified version of Port Attack by hayabusa but after a few testing we found that the gameplay is very stagnant and not smooth so we decided to remove it. RIP Port Attack.

Thats all for now. Thank you for supporting our mod! Another version of closed alpha will be released around 25 September so stay tuned :D



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Are trying to do same thing what Hardline devs wanted to do? 5 players in BF game, please

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Blue_Spirit Author

Its more like Counter Strike bomb defusal mod + BF3 squad rush.

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Gempak time Ade talk Mi28N kat mod ni?

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Good News

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