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Nightfall closed alpha announcement and details for the client.

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The Em0 development team is pleased to bring you the closed alpha test for Nightfall mod. The details and changes for the alpha test is as below.


There are only 4 classes for each side in the alpha but there will be 6 on each side in the release.The image below shows the soldier models that will be present in the alpha.

BfMeshView 2015 06 01 22 28 34 4

Terrorist (Alpha Wolf) model

BfMeshView 2015 05 24 19 05 03 6

Spectre Recon Unit model

BfMeshView 2015 04 18 20 05 37 9

Spectre Combat Unit model

Map and Gameplay:

There are only one map present in the alpha build which is Harvest by TrueSpirit. The weapons are not balanced yet and the purpose for this alpha test is for the players to decide which weapon is balanced and which one is not. Feedback will be collected and adjustments will be made accordingly.

BF2 2015 05 29 22 57 25 80

BF2 2015 05 31 19 55 58 01

BF2 2015 05 31 19 57 52 44

BF2 2015 05 31 19 58 07 38

Some map screenshot before lighting editing:

harvest editor storagebuildings0

harvest editor storagebuildings0 1

Known bugs list:

AI are stupid sometimes, lan support is not stable and the biggest issue is: CLIMBING LADDER CRASHES THE GAME. Hope testers can find a way to fix all these issues and find more bug for us to fix (hopefully no more bugs)


TrueSpirit for the map

Weapons and models mostly done/ edited by GlebClose, Koala, develop013, EmoCat (textures), yak, eversman, Battlefield P4F, striker105

HUD by EmoCat, Insurgent Strike, Koala, Wing_Frost

Koala_Bear for giving me an original copy of Battlefield 2 Complete Edition

And a big thanks to my girlfriend who supported me and gave me a lot of ideas. I love you very very very much <3

Edit: Grab the Alpha Demo at the download section! Requires Battlefield 1.5 and Xpack -Em0_Cat

Nightfall Alpha Demo v01

CardellB - - 28 comments

It seems like it's gonna be a greeeat mod!

It's nice to see a 10 year old game still getting support from the community (while even their original makers and publishers already abandoned them :( )

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I think that I will explode my PC this week-end :D

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SgtNickStoltz - - 391 comments

That is a great looking map.

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