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Some thoughts about our first hosted gamenight and other news

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Well first I wanna say I should have actually finished writing this.

Second I wanna thank everyone for attending, Our first impromptu gamenight was a moderate success with 16 players in the server and we hope more show up for the halloween event. As always the server is always open and people are encouraged to just start playing, maybe drag someone along or add someone from the steam group and ask if they're up for a few rounds.

Now while I did post recently about the halloween event we are going forward and devanon has put together a map pack which we'll put out before the event starts so people can get situated first and foremost. While we can't promise any type of prize or reward It's still ncie to get together and play a match or two without having to halt to hunt for gifts or to try and fight a demonic floating eyeball.

Shifting gears it's come to my attention windows 10 users (which exist, colour me surprised) have issues installing TF2 Vintage. I'd like to take this moment to ask any windows 10 user who has their eye on this project or has installed Vintage to post a guide in the comments on how to get it working for 10 as some users report even after installing the mod it won't show up in their library.

Again thanks to everyone who has shown interest in this mod and who has played, we hope you continue to support us. One last thing, we have a treat coming soon and it's not just the halloween update, stay tuned.

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