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Sorry for the hiatus, but IRL work is taking most of my time. The next version might take a while because of that, but in the meantime the latest version is here. In the next version I will revise the map while implementing a few improvements for event chains.

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I've been busy with work so progress on version 0.3 is going slowly. The next update will mostly focus on getting the map to be better. A lot of places, like Namibia and Somalia, are purely plain where they should be desert or semi-deserts, and some terrain types (like plains) in islands make a tiny island as attractive to immigrants as the most fertile plain in the USA. To fix that, an "island" terrain type will be implemented, and the terrain types for the map regions will be revised. The terrain types are still not all defined, but I'm getting there.

Another change is the repurposing of provinces. For example, Greenland has 4 provinces, but most of them are not really well utilized. Besides the fact anyone rarely disembarks in greenland, the place is already sparsely populated. So these provinces are being used in other places where they might be more useful or see more actions. One of those is Tranquebar, a Danish colony in the coast of India.

Tranquebar, Capital of the Danish India

It actually gave me some work, since the province in greenland this one came from had a few vanilla bugs in the form of some lost pixels, which caused a weird glitch when rendering the province.

Pesky pixels.

There's 4 provinces on Greenland and in the end, only one will remain. The next two provinces will be probably used for Ceuta and Prekmurje, but that might change sometime in the future.
That said, reshaping is also something on the table. I separated the Kyushu from mainland japan and I'm currently in the process of implement the Gulf of Trieste and making Istria a peninsula.

Japan Islands are finally separated

Thanks for AFPG and all the others who helped with suggestions and fixes.

Anyway, there's more stuff to do for the 0.3 update, this is just a small part of it.

On to the Changelog for the current version, V0.2.9.9O Hotfix:

  1. V0.2.9.9O Hotfix
  2. -The "100 days of war" event no longer fires if you didn't lose a war. To compensate the MTTH was reduced.
  3. -Forming Scandinavia no longer keeps the leader of kalmar union and the customs union modifier. Why the hell it didn't remove that before?
  4. -Added an option to keep a democracy in the "a return to bourbon rule" event for democratic Spain.
  5. -Fixed parties in Lan Fang and China.
  6. -Made sure Prussia/NGF/Germany doesn't keep cores in Neuchatel after the crisis ends.
  7. -Fixed the Indian Nationalism event to fire only if there's indian pops in the province. Before it checked only if it was an Indian core.
  8. -Fixed a potential crash with the destroy monuments decision.
    -A problem with potential iron shortage was fixed.
  9. _____________________________________________________________
  10. V0.2.9.9N
  11. -Fixed wrong modifier names for an event
  12. -Fixed the vanilla bug of the Azov province port missing
  13. -Fixed a problem with the Ezo republic event if the player choose to play as the Republic
  14. ______________________________________________________________
  15. V0.2.9.9M
  16. -Fixed a bug with an australian event giving more LR than it should and firing non stop
  17. -Homestead Act now requires state and government at least to fire, it reduces MIL and CON a little bit. Hopefully, it will help the USA be a little more stable.
  18. -Rebalanced a tech tree in Commerce so most of the RGO bonus stuff is on the industrial "power" tech three instead of of the Commerce one. There's still some there but the big bonus doesn't come from there.
  19. -Rebalanced AI priority with a few units, guards are now more useful than infantry (they don't have less defense) and increase the maintenance cost slightly for some units (tanks, guards and planes).
  20. -Added NZL and Australia as countries that can take the decision to encourage immigration.
  21. -Moved Bonny from Warri to the Aro Confederancy. Historically, the town never had ties with the Warri and was closer to the Aro.
  22. -Fixed the vanilla bug of Tsushima not appearing.
  23. -RDS was updated
  24. ______________________________________________________________
  25. V0.2.9.9L
  26. -Fixed a potential bug with one event
  27. -Made the event to slow down germany's population growth now only fire in the late 19th century
  28. ____________________________________________________________
  29. V0.2.9.9K
  30. -Winds of westernization now happens if your neighbor a GP or a sphered country
  31. -Pre-Mobilization modifier now has a bigger economical impact but it doesn't have a CON impact
  32. -To simulate the lower birth rate that a industrialized society brought, when germany hits around 60M pops they will get an event that lowers all LRs in their cores from 40 to 35.
  33. -Fixed China not having a reactionary party late game
  34. -Tweaked some values to encourage the population boom of Egypt and China
  35. -Restore america CB no longer gives any prestige
  36. -Changed the Two Nation Theory decision to so a nation can externally add the cores more easily
  37. -Changed New Zealand and Australia NV from Liberty to Order. Hopefully, this will avoid frequent GP Australia.
  38. -Changed the names of the Circassian parties, adjusted some cores.
  39. -Added an event to adjust Australian RGOs: some gold mines will dry, some places will change. The Australian capital also starts as Melbourne (they were de facto the capital) but it will eventually change to Sydney.
  40. -Sligthly reduced Egypt starting ltieracy to compensate for the large growth bonus they get and to stop very early westernization. Now you really need to win the oriental crisis.
  41. -Seizing lagos will now damage UK's relation with nearby rulers.
  42. -Added an event to normalize UK relations with arabian rulers after the UK takes Yemen.
  43. -Spanish-american war no longer makes either side call allies, it doesn't happen when the USA has a truce with Spain.
  44. -Makran, Kalat, Kokand, Khiva and Bukhara now all start with foreign weapons. Based on and other anon sources.
  45. ____________________________________________________________
  46. V0.2.9.9J
  47. -The Manifest on Unshakable Autocracy now can only be taken if Russia is not an absolute monarchy.
  48. -Removed technologies that the Qing shouldn't have at the game start.
  49. -The Qing doesn't lose research after conquering Taiping anymore, but it also doesn't get any research points when conquering anything anymore.
  50. -Fixed the recognize Cuba/Philippines decision (thanks Rylok).
  51. -Removed the spanish cores from the spanish-owned islands east of Philippines.
  52. -Fixed a graphical bug from the Siberia mod near the Arctic Ocean.
  53. -Nerfed the increases in RGO efficiency in the "power" tree of the Industry section.
  54. -To avoid Switzerland getting to GP, east and west Switzerland were merged in one "Switzerland" region. To compensate for the prussian core that would allow them to annex the whole country while pushing that claim, Neuchatel is now a tag, a vassal of Switzerland and in the Prussian sphere. Events to simulate the Neuchatel crisis were added.
  55. -Two Sicilies lost 2 military and industrial techs and 2 units at the game start. The Expedition of the Thousand decision now gives a conquest CB on Two Sicilies and one acquire state CB in the Papal States.
  56. -Added another missing effect description (thanks Paradox).
  57. -Fixed Champasak not being releasable as a vassal, gave Siam a decision to annex them for less infamy.
  58. -Made so the Sicilian revolt makes them start at war with Two Sicilies
  59. -Added an option for the chinese to rename Port Arthur back.
  60. -The treaty ports now include Weihaiwei and Qingdao again, but only if they have less than 20K pops.
  61. -Added a few protestant pops to coastal south china to represent missionary activity in the area.
  62. -Added the events and decision from the persia minimod by H.P. Thanks a lot!
  63. -Added a decision to claim Greater Iran for Persia. I still need to do something about pan-Iranism and the relations between pan-arabism, pan-turkism and pan-iranism.
  64. -The Eastern Question and the Crimean War can still happen if Turkey is a GP.
  65. EXPERIMENTAL -Added decisions to stabilize a proletarian/fascist dictatorships. You need mass politics to enact them (and some have some other requirements), they have an interval of around 2.5 years between each and they represent the shift to a totalitarian system.
  66. -Added generals to the Taiping at the start of the Taiping rebellion.
  67. -Added an option for China to claim Tibet.
  68. -To avoid exploits, the decision to free vassals is only available for civilized countries now.
  69. -Changed the Yemeni sultanates conquest decision so it can be taken only once per game, so the first country that takes it will be the only country that can take it.
  70. -Decreased the MTTH for russia to annex vassals in the great game
  71. -The infamy reduction you get from releasing a nation was reduced from -5 to -2. I considered removing it altogether.
  72. -Crisis cooldown changed from 36 to 24 months to allow for more crisis late game
  73. -The AI will now get the final 25% education and administrative efficiency when they reach 75% spending.
  74. -Uncivs get a baby boom when westernizing now. It can last 4, 3.5 or 4.5 years.
  75. -Pandemic influenza now spreads more slowly between neighboring countries.
  76. -The Taiping can now rename Nanjing to Tianjing, and china/qing/chinese states can rename it back.
  77. -Tweaked the Sikh Empire modifier to be less OP.
  78. -Fixed the decisions to recognize the caucasus countries to appear only if they are not part of a sphere and are uncivilized.
  79. -Civilized Countries with a gold rush in the new world and with a capital in the new world (or africa) will correctly get a global immigrant attraction now.
  80. -Added an event for the welcome stranger.
  81. -Fixed a few terrains and LRs in Arabia.
  82. -Added a decision for a GP to integrate rogue states (like bahia and pernambuco) back in Brazil if they sphere both.
  83. -Lowered ottoman starting prestige back to vanilla levels.
  84. -Made equality assimilation and militancy reduction bonus higher.
  85. -Changed the terrain from South Georgia
  86. -Doubled the starting population of the Sokoto Caliphate. Now the full Sokoto (Sokoto + Bornu) should have around 10M people.
  87. -Changed Lagos production from tropical wood to Fish and Ibadan from Coffe to grain.
  88. -Added an option for countries in the Americas can take to burn some money and get a short immigration boom. It can only be taken once. Currently, only the Brazilian AI will take it.
  89. -Changed 765 Cagliari from sulfur to coal.
  90. -Fixed one NNM event.
  91. -Added one event for the Abdelkader El Djezairi revolt and the final conquest of Algiers.
  92. -Increased a few LRs in Italy and changed the production of rome from fruits to Grain
  93. -Germans and Italians are now a little more likely to emigrate after 1880.
  94. -Fixed the Krakow question events to give the event for the NGF/PRU/Germany if they exist.
  95. -Increase the LR in Egypt in a few key provinces, lowered it in others. A better change will come in the map phase as much stuff needs to be redone.
  96. -Slightly increased the MTTH of diseases events. They were killing too many people.
  97. -Islamic Law can now be taken by uncivs.
  98. -Added a irredentist decision for Norway.
  99. ____________________________________________________________
  100. V0.2.9.9I
  101. -Changed the maximum amount you can loan from a single country from 10% of tax base to 20%. Hopefully, this means countries will be more encouraged to get their money back if a country goes bankrupt.
  102. -Finished party names and policies changes for Baltic States. The UBD will also not be affected by the liberal revolutions anymore. Thanks for the good work anon who made
  103. -Made so the Greek decision to pass constitutional reforms require either 40 prestige or state and goverment researched. The prestige gain was halved.
  104. -Fixed a vanilla event description.
  105. -Made sure Yazidi Bohtan can't take the Islamic Law decision.
  106. -Complexified the Limburg Crisis by making an expanded event chain. Instead of trying to use the shitty crisis system, if the germans try to take Limburg, it will spark an international crisis where european GPs can define their position. If the NGF/Germany manages to unpuppet Limburg and sphere them, they can annex it. If they don't DoW the Netherlands for six months, they will lose their chance. There's several paths where Limburg will end now, from German annexation to early dutch annexation.
  107. -Jingoism required to add a wargoal increased from 4% to 5% to stop AI blobbing.
  108. -Changed how cholera spreads: It doesn't spread to Arctic or Desert provinces, but it spreads faster in Marshes and Jungles. It also needs at leas 35K pops in a province for it to spread there.
  109. -Other diseases that kill a random % of pops in a state now don't affect states with less than 10K people. Pandemic Influenza won't affect provinces with less than 3K people. Too small or remote provinces wouldn't be affected as much by pandemics and this helps prevent small islands or places with very small population from being wiped out.
  110. -Changed the diseases rework so diseases can happen in one province countries, to avoid shit like 1M pops country with no diseases. Changed the 100K total country pops requirement for diseases to happen from 100K to 50K.
  111. -The Italian Red Shirts will no longer offer Italy to a theocratic government.
  112. -Changed Western Slavic name to Western Slavic Minor.
  113. -Made France/German AI a little more aggressive when research coal/steel technology.
  114. -Fixed the decision for the dutch to propose a treaty over the Aceh happening more than once.
  115. -Made so the British don't get the death of Ranjit Singh event if they are not neighbours of the Sikh Empire.
  116. -Made the population of the Faroe Islands be Icelandic in culture
  117. -Changed Bekeret (1205) LR from 20 to 15
  118. -Changed Austria's cores from Vanilla to NNM standard
  119. ____________________________________________________________
  120. V0.2.9.9H
  121. -The employee limit needed before "upgrade all" would upgrade/expand a given factory changed from 90% to 75%
  122. -Increased the debt limit of factories from 2500 to 3000 and the leftover paycheck from 25% to 30%
  123. -Fixed a bug that made Sweden have the liberal revolution modifier forever
  124. -Moved Belgium's Machine Parts factory to Wallonia
  125. ____________________________________________________________
  126. V0.2.9.9G
  127. -Corrected the game over message from vanilla to have proper capitalization.
  128. -To balance immigration, changed Canada NV from Liberty to Order, Argentina from Liberty to Order, Brazil from Liberty to Equality.
  129. -Event to free Liberia only happens if the USA is not at war.
  130. -Caouzhou (1564) will flip from gold production to grain production sometime late game so China doesn't swim in the money of 8 million people working in a gold mine.
  131. -South American nations got natives as accepted to stop them assimilating in the main culture.
  132. -Made Medan have a port so you can station ships there or build a port.
  133. -Korean name and flag will change once they stop being an absolute monarchy.
  134. -Fixed so Yazidi don't convert if they are in the near east, not asia.
  135. -Decreased the cost of the artillery unciv reform and gave it the bonus of conquering uncivs that was on building forts.
  136. -Forming the Arab Union as Egypt will now remove cores from the greek islands and Cilicia, so the Arab Union cores stays in the arab world.
  137. -Balfour Declaration is not available to Iranian/Turkic/Arabic cultures anymore.
  138. -Removed Samos, added Qatar. The Sphere Owner of the Trucial States now can add Qatar and Bahrain to the Trucial States pact, making management of a sphere there more simple.
  139. -Added a decision and province modifier for Qatar and Bahrain to avoid the pops there from starving to death.
  140. -Several substates from uncivs were removed. The reason is that, while most have a degree of independence, they are not working with the economy. Usually, uncivs survive by sharing a market with the sphere owner or by producing the resources they need themselves, but substates usually don't get either and the people just starve to death.
  141. -For balance reasons countries with less than 100K pops will not get any disease events, same with single province countries. Diseases also don't spread as fast in the Near East as in the rest of the world. The reason for this is the aridity and the high mobility of the populations there, which prevents diseases like the spanish flu (in game just called strange flu) going pandemic. Once countries in these regions civilize though, they will be treated as all other countries, since it's assumed a good part of the population settled and we have big urban centers connected to each other that make pandemics plausible.
  142. -Reworked starting wars to minimize prestige spamming from parties involved. Brazilians are dealing with a rebellion, so they will not get any prestige from the war. Netherlands will only get the lands from the Padri war.
  143. -Added an event for the British conquest of Sikkim, the Bahrain-Qatar War and the British war to sphere Bahrain.
  144. -Commented out the Oregon Trail event that to avoid crisis over colonized land. The land now gets its LR and Baker city back when the Seattle renaming event happens.
  145. -Added a decision that the Ottomans, Persia and Arabia/Nejd can take to claim Doha and Bahrain for free if they have N&I researched. Historically, the Ottomans even occupied Doha and the Persians claimed the region which led the british to rename the region the "arab gulf" instead of Persian Gulf to dismiss their claims.
  146. -Added a decision for the sphere owner of the Trucial States to Puppet them if they have revolution and counter-revolution researched. This represents the increase of GP interest in the area and the history of the Trucial states. In exchange, the Trucial States abolish slavery and get some research points.
  147. -Added events for the Black Flag Army in Luang Prabang and their surrender to a neighboring GP (that isn't China/any of the southeast asian countries).
  148. -Added events to simulate the Franco-Siamese War (which can happen to other GPs if you are on Dai Nam).
  149. -Cracked down on another event that would allow the UBD to petition for annexation in Germany.
  150. -Added caribeno back to haiti to avoid assimilation, they lose once the dominican republic breaks free.
  151. -The Oregon Crisis will not add cores for the UK in Idaho.
  152. -Fixed a missing core for Russia in the Caucasus and add a temporary modifier to encourage immigration and help them stop the state from being colonial.
  153. -Moroccan monarchy flag will change to modern flag if they stop being an absolute monarchy.
  154. -Chitral will ask help from the British if they neighbor them and the berlin conference already happened.
  155. -The $COUNTRY_ADJ$ Territories event, in which puppets asked for their cores their overlord owned, was disabled for the AI, since the AI always takes it and accept it which lead for the AI returning parts of India to indian minors. Now the event will only happen to the player.
  156. -South African Cores can now spread up to Namibia.
  157. -Fixed a bug about a province in uzbekistan being in 2 regions at the same time
  158. -To avoid too much unemployment in the countryside in the americas, especially in the USA, the RGO bonus to size was doubled.
  159. -When Persia becomes a constitutional monarchy, they will change the name to Iran and the flag will change too.
  160. -Removed the Scandinavian cores from Scandinavia and the tag is also not considered a normal cultural union anymore. You still can form Scandinavia though and the cores will be added as such. For all purposes, Finland nor Finnish as accepted are included
  161. -Added a missing localization line from Vanilla about the location of the capital.
  162. -Fixed Sakhalin being shown as "Russian Asia" if they own all of it.
  163. -Lowered overall US influence and relations in the americas to stop early sphering.
  164. -Fixed the external formation of argentina decision to make sure all land goes to them.
  165. -Russia will more aggressively annex their substates now.
  166. -Rebalanced Serf needs.
  167. -Changed Yurimaguas (2287) from Ecuador to Peru. They still have their cores, the region was disputed.
  168. -Changed sphering so relations matter more. Lowered starting relations and sphering status for SA countries with the USA to avoid aggressive and extremely early sphering.
  169. -Fixed the Baluchistan decision so it gives cores on Baluchistan proper, including Persia.
  170. -Changed how the autocracy NV works on ideologies: On Democracies, Monarchies and Presidential Dictatorships pops will be more prone to be conservative. However, in Bourgeois, Proletariat and Fascist dictatorships, pops will be more inclined to the ruling party ideology. The exception are Aristocrats and Capitalists, and they are way less inclined to be communist now.
  171. -The USA will now lost the homestead act if it has less than 3 states or doesn't have any port.
  172. -Shinto added on the list of religions that makes pops usually conservative.
  173. -Severely nerfed the militancy gain from the colonial exploitation modifier to avoid africa exploding.
  174. -Added a decision to form Somaliland as a colony.
  175. -Severely nerfed anarcho liberals under autocracy NV.
  176. -Added a "Found the Suez Canal Company" decision to end stalemates over sphering Egypt.
  177. -Increased the usefulness of the railroad and build factories NFs.
  178. -Reworked some technologies priorities for the AI.
  179. -Made so the US AI can take the "reconstruction act" more aggressively to try and stabilize the country in the post war. It also reduces overall militancy.
  180. -The Ottoman Empire will release Egypt if during the scramble for Africa it ever drops from GP status.
  181. -Russia now has a decision to reform the government after losing a war after the Crimean war. This will change their tech group to military-industrial complex along with other benefits.
  182. -To increase the Russian ability to hold a large army and to reflect the historical mines in places, 2689 in the Urals will flip to gold at some point. Semipalatinsk, in Kazakhstan and Kirensk near lake Baikal will also turn to gold.
  183. -Increased the MTTH of the chinese war of reunification and the increased the average time they take to happen too. The events also don't happen anymore if the country is a puppet.
  184. -Pops in overseas provinces (colonies) will enjoy a reduced militancy. It's not much but hopefully it will avoid Africa exploding in a trillion rebels.
  185. -To avoid the AI releasing african puppets to try and colonize more, they will only pick the options to civilize and organize the african countries in 1905.
  186. -Corrected the Expel Manchu decision so it sends people properly to Inner Manchuria instead of sending them to another part of Primorye (inb4 deportation crash, fuck you game).
  187. -Renamed Port Hope Simpson to North West River (yes, it's the name of a city).
  188. -Added a decision and events for the Titanic. You need to have at least Steel Steamers for the decision to show up.
  189. -Made the AI try to build the canals more aggressively.
  190. -Made Pops be even less inclined to move to deserts and tundras.
  191. -Changed Deseret's color
  192. -Made a decision to add Finland cores and Finnish as accepted to Scandinavia, separately. You also can't form Scandinavia with Finnish as accepted anymore.
  193. -Changed some social reforms values that reduce pop needs to keep global needs up.
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Hey thanks for the update. Will you put Luxembourg back in as it was only the western part that was ceded to Belgium, the rest was still part of the German customs union.

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arkhometha Author
arkhometha - - 156 comments

Luxembourg is too small to be divided to follow those borders.

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