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Its been some time since the first release of dtsot.This release is called "b7pre" because b7 was originally supposed to have some story elements in the first episode and also more epic boss fight. However as we are only two active developers, and I have also university exams to finish, we decided to make the ,,pre-release'', just to see if it sticks. Despite that, the maps in the first episde will not be remastered.

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The story (that will be in b7f )


(warning, there is a bit of politics here)

The story of this game takes place in 2043.In this time, the world is divided into three global states, as a result of early 21st century globalization attempts and the invention of teleportation. These global superpowers exist to balance each other, as the humanity's potential of destroying itself grew even more.

However in the European state,a group of German ,,Nazis'' is being formed. They attempt to destabilize the European government, and want to create a national socialist state. Basically, Nazi Germany 2.0. What makes them dangerous, is that they have resources and weapons. They must be sponsored by someone.

The protagonist is a mercenary from Goblins Squad, a group of former marines,spies soldiers and contract killers, that operate as ,,Guns for hire''. They are completely apolitical, they fight only for hard cash.GS is hired to infiltrate and investigate the Nazis to find out who is sponsoring them.

As you progress through the game, you will uncover that they are sponsored by international corporation OTS. In the end of episode 1 you will defeat Nazis. And will be send to one off OTS facilities to investigate.

Feature preview

There is a preview of custom features on youtube. These features include ladders, that we will also release for people to use in their mods. Also there are TF2 backstabs (complete with butterfly knife, spy voice facestabs and failstabs).

Some features like the MG42s and computer terminals are still in alpha, they have debug prints enabled, and they do not work as they should. MG is still ridiculously OP, maybe overheating or limited ammo will be implemented. The terminals have default fonts, and need some improvements.

Here is a link to the youtube playlist, the videos of features will be added in the future, make sure to check them out:

Next release date

The next versions will be released at mid summer. It is likely to be postponed, and you will be informed in the next articles.

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