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VRM Alpha 0.2 release is imminent! Loads of new and better stuff! Less bad stuff!

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Its been just about a month since we put v0.1 out for you all to play with, but now we've decided that the mod has improved enough to warrant another release. Apart from fixing the biggest bugs like the invisible nuke cannon and the wacky quads for the GLA Generals, we've added or improved the following:

China Nuke Mig is now a J-10 instead of a J-20
GLA Scud model replaced by real life SCUD TEL
GLA Scud missile re-skinned
A-10 replaced by accurate A-10 model/skin
New Avenger particle system
Combat Chinook replaced by Blackhawk
China's nuclear missile replaced by Dongfeng-5
New Radar van model and skin, including semi-transparent Radar dish
New F-35A model and skin
Fixed locomoter of Rocket Buggy
Fixed locomoter of Radar Van
Particle effect on Rocket Buggy replaced with more realistic one
New skin for US ranger
New skin for US Rocket Soldier
New skin for US pilot
New Apache model and skin
Added custom sound effect for rebel, ranger, scorpion tank, missile defender

And then a whole bunch of other bugfixes as well!

You can expect 0.2 to be released real soon :). (Like, as soon as the download is approved by admins)

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Furrywolfie1 - - 81 comments

I liked the J-20 for the nuke mig. I'm just wondering how it wasn't realistic or how the J-10 fits the role better.

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dhd Author
dhd - - 998 comments

J-20 isn't in service, just a prototype.

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Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

I suggest you use the Ranger skin from the A Global Crisis mod, it has a M4 or M16 and AT-4 rockets.

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