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Announcing the next faction for the RR_Mod - Hobbits!

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Hey everyone, say hihi to our next faction - the Hobbits faction.

Heroes for the Faction -

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins -



Simple starting hero, Low Cost (about 500 - 1000), Low health (1500), low damage, and only a few powers


Level 2 - "Silver Spoons" - Lobelia throws her (well, Bilbo's) Silver spoons, dealing Massive AoE Damage

Level 5 - "Annoying Hobbit" - Lobelia annoys her enemies to madness, leading to their death.

Odo Proudfoot

unfortunately, there is no model yet.

Your early tank hero, Low damage, but high health and Armor.


Level 3 - "Stomp" - Odo stomps on the ground with his feet, knocking enemies back and dealing AoE damage.

Level 6 - "Proud Feet" - Odo shows his amazing feet, blinding enemies from the incredible beauty and stuns them.

Farmer Maggot


Farmer Maggot


Level 2 - "Maggot's Mushrooms" - Enemies in the area of effect receive illusions and become stupid.

Level 4 - "Intense Farming" - Farmer Maggot pukes wheat on nearby enemies, killing them instantly.

Level 5 - "The Bagginses Are in Bag-End" - Kills Frodo on the spot.

Ring Hero -

Upon receiving the Ring, Odo Proudfoot becomes even fatter and swallows the entire enemy army, including structures.

Photo from our faction Beta Testing

Odo Proudfoot in his Ring Hero form -


Lobelia in close-up

lobelia with spoon

To learn more about the new faction, press this link

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EHEHEHEHEHE im proud of you, Gil_Baggins!!!
And that reached my expectations and im proud of you!

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Man that link has killed me.. xDDDD

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