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Introduction to the mod, Equilibrium and how you can play it online.

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Inspired by "Third Age" mod for medieval II total war.

This mod is compatible with Rome Total War 1.5 (and with the steam version as well).

Main Changes:

~Global Changes~

New Quotes.

Buffed Diplomats and Assassins to be more effective.

New Units.

Many units can hide anywhere now.


Factions are balanced.

Campaign ends ~2000 years later.

All factions, beside the romans, unlock strong units faster.

Roman Senate gives you more time and greater monetary rewards for completing missions.

Enabled all factions (beside Rebels and the Senate).


Buildings have new bonuses and handicaps.

Replaced the buggy "Large Wall" with the not-so-buggy "Epic Wall".

Blacksmith has been changed (gives more bonuses, takes longer to be build)

Removed some buggy temples from Spain.


Mercenaries are expensive but have 4 xp, which makes then very good even in late game.

Soldiers have new stats (attack, armor, hp) according to their in-game equipment and use.

Price have been balanced for fair play in multiplayer.

Morale has been increased by a lot.

~Melee Infantry~

Soldiers are usually pretty tanky and can hold the line a very long time.

Spearmen have handicap when fighting infantry.

Spearmen have huge bonus against cavalry.

Pilum-throwing units have bigger range.

~Missile Infantry~

Tho the soldiers appear to have a lot of HP, they have handicap against cavalry (receive more damage).

Can take a beating.

Javelins are good against armored units.

Arrows are good against less armored units and mainly against large units.

Archers have greater range and so do the javelin throwers.

~Melee Cavalry~

Mainly best used for its charging power.

All generals can switch between spear and sword now.

Spear: bonus vs cavalry, great push power (good to disrupt formations) but lower damage vs infantry.

Sword: fast attack speed. No other bonuses or handicaps. (best used vs missile infantry).

~Missile Cavalry~

Very efficient to focus on elite units.

They have greatest range in game compared to other soldiers.

Low ammo.

~Elephants and Chariots~

No longer berserk.

Elephants are shock-units. Chariots are anti-cav unit.

Dogs are shock-units and really annoying to cavalry.

~Siege Engines~

They are more precise.

Siege Weapons number x2 to be more effective.

Huge range.

Greatest range in game has the Scorpion.

Very effective against slow, armored units.


Admirals receive new traits that enables them to travel further and fight better.

If a general enters a ship, he will become the new admiral, until he leaves it.

Ships have more damage, therefore they drown easier.


New Armor Trait (+HP so that the general unit can fight without fear)

New Traits that affect soldiers: The army can get weary from fighting.

And other traits.

Even tho soldiers received a buff in morale, when a general dies it really damages the army morale.

~Latest Updates~

All factions start with 15.000 gold.

All factions start with cities with 3000 population.

~Preview (Subscribe please)~


Please, sub to these youtubers to support them and see more episodes with equilibrium.


Princeps Praetorii

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