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Discover the first official trailer video and see how drawing 3571 Comics inspired me to create 3571 The Game. Ready for some action?

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Hi everyone! The future is back! TIred of looking at the same screenshots of 3571 The Game? Want to hear more music from 3571 Orchestra? Want some REAL action? Here we go! Let's watch the very first official 3571 The Game trailer video:

I worked hard on this first trailer, as mixing sound, music, 3D, animation, coding, illustration and writing is the purpose of the 3571 Project! And because the future always become present I'm already working on the next video which will be a gameplay trailer. I hope you enjoyed meeting for the first time some of the droids and mutant animals you'll soon be able to slash for real in the year 3571.

Making animations is fun, I know, but what about the game? I just rebuild every houses random spawns of the World Procedural Generator and fine tuned all random elements to avoid any kind of misplacements, seems to work fine! And I also added lots of GUI tooltips to enhance player feelings about the game mechanics and too get more intuitive controls.

I also added a simple 10-steps tutorial for new games, to allow you to test the controls on you avatar before entering the apocalypse!

See you soon for the next update, and thanks for watching !


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