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A small update, showing the state of progress on patch v2.2.

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News Update #2

Greetings Back to Basics fans! Since the release of Patch v2.1 on June 15th of this year, we haven't really shown any work of progress to the public, but we can tell that we haven't stopped the development. The Summer has been really busy mostly for me (Celution/Cel├ęstial). Due to the fact that we always work, test and play together, AGameAnx therefore wasn't able to work on patch v2.2 that much either.

However since I came back from my last holiday last weekend, we have fired up development again, both on AI and general gameplay. We once more have made tons of changes, creating a better overall balance for a smooth gameplay and a nicer game experience.

Fixes include the long awaited bug that Commonwealth HQ setup was bugged. Our custom script that controls the Commonwealth HQ trucks for AI required us to change the setup ability, which turned out to be buggy for the player. Therefore we reverted the HQ setup ability to how it is in vCoH. However, for the AI the Trucks are still controlled completely by the custom script, so no change in that.

Several big changes have been made to the Panzer Elite Scorched Earth and Luftwaffe Commander Trees, as well as that the Royal British Air Force and Royal Scottish Engineers have gotten a redesign. The changes make them more viable and/or balanced. So far, this patch is mostly focused around the Panzer Elite and Commonwealth, as they received most changes to their overall stats.

Right now we still have to redesign some unlocks in certain Commander Trees, improve AI on certain areas (it already has been made much smarter again without making it cheat) as well as playtest the latest changes, check for bugs and other issues before we can pack everything up and release Patch v2.2. If everything goes according to plan, this shouldn't be too far away from now!

Stay tuned, it's coming. AGameAnx and me would like to send out a big thank you for your patience and staying eager for further releases!

- Celution


Awesome, I was getting worried :P

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This sounds nice.
At the Moment this Mod gives us the best PvE games. For me some of the best AI in CoH. Hope the Panzer Elite and the Commonwealth, will get good options.

Some question. It seems that the normal AI is harder to fight than the Hard AI. Is that true?

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Celution Author

Hmm that is rather weird but not impossible in the current release. Honestly we barely test easy and normal AI. But lately we got more replies that the easy and normal AI were behaving weird. In the next release all the AI's should be more balanced and behave like they should according to their difficulty.

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