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Car-Poral Keys is a Source 2013 modification that pits you, Jim, against your evil neighbour, Jim's Neighbour, after realising he stole your car keys. With your job on the line, race through over 40 different rooms in your basement, ranging from vast valleys, to cities and even tiny vertigo puzzles. Can you find your keys? Can you defeat Jim's Neighbour? Can you discover the power of the lost Originiginal tribe?

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Car-poral Keys is a mod that Nautical Ninjas have been working on since early 2013. The story around the mod is you play as Jim as he battles his evil neighbour, known as Jim’s Neighbour, who has stolen Jim’s car keys. With Jim’s job now on the line, he must now venture into his basement to find his keys.

Since the original idea of the mod, we’ve come a long way. When we first began, the mod was an insane idea. With our small knowledge of modding for the Source Engine we began to create the mod. Whilst we have been developing we have also been learning on the job. At the moment we’ve got the base of the first two chapters down. Our maps are currently WIP and incomplete although we are happy with our progress so far.

Our mod’s vision may not appeal to everyone; however we are certainly very happy with it. We have been developing this mod for Source Engine 2007 but with the recent release of Source SDK 2013 we’ve made the decision to port our mod to Source Engine 2013. This means that we may end up porting and releasing the mod on Mac and Linux. It will also be compatible with Oculus Rift.

We will try to keep this page updated, but please remain patient. If the mod dies we will post something about it so don’t spam the comments section asking if the mod is dead.

We'd also like to say that we have origin(igi)nal music by Precedence that will be implemented into the soundtrack of the mod. You can check them out on ReverbNation here:

We are also in desperate need of a programmer to implement some undisclosed features that are vital in ensuring the comedic value of the mod is retained throughout development and post-development.
If you are a programmer with knowledge of C++ and preferably the Source Engine and have a good sense of humour, please send an email or private message if interested.

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