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A new map to showcase, with further news on the future of the mod..

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A new version is coming. It will be 1.8. Then it;s onto 2.0!

Version 2.0 will arrive early next year, and will most likely be the final version. I plan on it featuring many single player maps. But sometimes things change, so we will see what happens!

1.8 will feature a few brand new multiplayer maps. The first one I am showcasing is BHRSI02: Temple War (was previously to be named Blood in The Sand). It is a deathmatch style map taking place around an ancient temple in a desert. The map features many new sprites and high res textures. There are turrets that will attack the player, as well as many random spawn events. Another cool feature in the map is a UAC vehicle that has a bomb detonator in it! Check it out below!

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