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Check here for HFM 1.5 details and delayed release. We also want to introduce you our Nusantara Project!

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Hello, comrades! after we 'gone' for last few months, we're going to give you some details about upcoming release of HFM 1.5, and why we delayed the release.

First, why we delayed our release?

FYI, I was targeted our mod to be released late December/early January. But, when almost come to late December, i've got some problems with the mod. So, i'm delayed release to early January. Unfortunately, my internet got problem in early January. I've got new internet about early February. Then i release closed beta, and i found some few bugs. And now, i have so many exam, and prerparation for National Exam, at late April. So, i think i'm gonna release it late April, after National Exam.

Then, details about HFM 1.5. This is the biggest update since HFM 1, and so many changes since v1. Changelog:

- Edited vanilla AI (my experimental, recommended to play on expert mode for better gameplay).
- New faction: MEC & MEInsurgent.
- New weapons: AK47, RPK-74, DAO-12, AK74M, G3, G3/SG1, P90, HK21, M24, M16A4.
- Updated weapons: M4.
- Increased weapon recoil.
- Hitmarker returned.
- Reduced handheld and stationary rocket projectile damage, because too overpowered before.
- Increased RPG-7 ammo to 3.
- New HUDs for heavy vehicles.
- New vehicles: Technical, civilian cars, little chopper, and ATV.
- Added rear passenger for ATV
- BMP-3 now available for Insurgent.
- Now Russian use Havoc, MEC use Hind.
- New textures for M1A2.
- Increased vehicle re-spawn time (about 5-8 minutes).
- MBT cannon damage returned to normal, based on real life.
- New maps: Op. Smoke Screen, Op. Clean Sweep, Road to Jalalabad, & Mashtuur City.
- Little chopper added on Gulf of Oman and Op. Smoke Screen.
- Strike at Karkand feature US vs INS
- MEC featured on all middle eastern map, replacing Russia (you still can use Russia on some maps).
- Removed some HUD elements (health/sprint/ammo/abilities bar included).
- New textures for USMC.
- New background.
- New lighting (thanks to Profkiller336). [CANCELLED, or maybe delayed for next release :P]
- Due to unsolved bugs, i decided to remove 3 maps: Wake Island, Mashtuur City, and Op. Road Rage. I'm sorry if you feel disappointed. So i decided to add two maps: Taraba Quarry and Zatar Wetlands.

For screenshot, you can see it on images section of the page. Also we will upload gameplay video soon. [We waiting for you, Simcardo :P]

Second news, we will reveal our project that we've been planned since 2012, called Nusantara Project. This project goal is adding Indonesia faction to HFM 1.5. Details for Indonesia faction:

- Land: Leopard 2A6 (still considered), BMP3, Vodnik, FAV
- Air: Su-30MKK, Mi-17 Hip, Mi-35 Hind, UH-1D (I'm gonna ask EOD dev team for their Huey)

- SS2/GL, SS2, G3/SG1, MP5, M249, Benelli M4, 92FS, SRAW (FYI SS2 is Indonesian made weapon by Pindad)

For soldiers, we probably use retextured China soldiers. For kits, we gonna retextures EU kits. Also for camo, we are not going to reveal it. We want surprise for the camo :P

For maps, maybe we gonna take Wake Island and some China maps first. Later, if i have time, i'll make one map based on Indonesia forest.

Probably this project will be added on HFM 2, so be patient for our project. Cheers :)

This is Petruk Stark reporting. Stark, out!


Nice cand wait to try it :)

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Ohh, sounds really cool!

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sounds good ;)

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Keren gan

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