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First, we are in need of a banner (to put in forum signatures, for instance) as we have no official one at the moment.

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Hello everyone :)

I'm sorry that the website hasn't been updated much recently; we will try to improve that in the future... For now though, I have two news for all our fans.

First, we are in need of a banner (to put in forum signatures, for instance) as we have no official one at the moment. We have decided that we'd have a contest for the best banner. Anyone, member of the team or not, can participate with up to two submissions. The moderating team will choose the best and it will become the official one.
Submissions can be posted here: DEV Forums thread
- Words that must appear on the banner: "MERP", "Middle-Earth RolePlaying", "mod", "Jnor" and "Oblivion". You can add some more but don't clutter it too much.
- Size must be reasonable, it's to be used on forums... No more than 125 pixels in height.
- All submissions must be made before January 1st.
- PNG format.
- You can use anything you want as a base, except of course copyrighted things.
- Our gratitude and congratulations.
- If the winner is not a team-member, he'll get VIP access to our dev boards. That also means access to the future beta before anyone, which leads me to the second news.

The new beta will be released on the 15th of January unless an unforeseen event prevents us from doing that. What is new with MERP 0.2.4? Regions already released have been improved. New regions will also be added including the Blue Mountains (Ered Lindon), Arnor and the Brown Lands... There'll also be a working world map with map markers for fast travel! Of course, I'm not telling you everything. Some things are best left to surprise.

I look forward to your artistic work and I hope you'll like the new release. ;)

Jnor - Team leader


Doubt I'll have time, but I might give it a go. Looking forward to the new beta!

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Hi, i quite experienced in Photoshop I may submit one or two entries xD, what exactly do you want?

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Sir_Eoran Author

sure, well it really doesnt matter, it just has to fill up the requirements, for more info go to our forumthread and ask all you want there if you need help ;)

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