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Good afternoon, I want to present you the news for the evening of 21.10.22, where you will see information about demo II, and some new screenshots of the following chapters.

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Let's start again with the fact that I updated the demo. Nothing new except fix a couple of bugs has not changed. The first is the elevator, which it turns out was not fixed for the first time (and I did not get into the bug zone).

And the second one is also a bug that did not get into my zone, since it turned out that the doors (in the closet) close after 15 seconds (because the door of the clock was closed after that time.therefore, the script was replayed again. But the bugs are fixed.

And I almost forgot, I updated the TestMap_01 map.bsp, you can call it by starting with "training map"

And so, I came to say that I changed a small fragment of the narrative again. As you remember, I cut out the train. And the penultimate station was the station of one of the Gruppenfuhrer, and one of the episodic characters named Karl Brex. At his station, we had to bring fear and terror again. but it all came down to the fact that now this station is the final one. And I want to warn you there is nothing stunning about it.

20221021110639 1

20221021110647 1

20221021110705 1

As I said, there is nothing mind-blowing. But don't think I'll leave it like that, I'll add the details later.

2. And finally, the checkpoint or gateway of the German military complex snow diablo.

20221021110717 1

Let's go back a bit to Chapter 2

1. As you may remember, the hall has changed its appearance. Now door frames have been added at the doors. Now it looks even better.

20221021183351 1

20221021183511 1

2. The corridor made earlier and the descent to the second floor is now closed, it didn't look very good, so I made a regular staircase on one side.

3. Earlier we were met by Agent 17, now he is agent sweet, and he will not be wounded, he will be ready to fight with us until his death.

20221021183529 1

  • And finally. A sniper rifle has been added, but it has not been completed yet, at least we need to solve the problem with animation and sight.
  • Enego-Grant, I have not yet come up with a more elegant name for this gun, but it also already exists. Uses uranium ammunition, shoots rapidly like a machine gun.

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