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We are pleased to announce the second release of the Maelstrom mod for SoaSE

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The main focus of this release is on optimization, both memory footprint and speed. Attention was also given to re-balancing, though this process is not complete. Also you will find new content and rework of some old assets.

For contributions in testing and concepts I would like to thank ...
ICEman, Quiet_Man, Chemical_Art, Volgun and many others

For mod optimization special thanks to ...
The Sins Optimization Project (TSOP)

The major changes in Release 2 are as follows ...

- Added new planets: Dyson Swarm, Extinct World, Aura World, Legendary planet, Stellar Anomaly
- Added animation effects to planets ancients, binary, fortified

Militia and Pirates
- added unstable asteroids to uncolonized planets
- added carrier for militia player
- added pirate colonizing capital
- re-balanced pirates

Pictures and Icons
- added icons for fighter, bomber dock/launch for new races
- re-sized mainview icons for frigates and constructors, trade-ship, refinery-ship
- added new character pictures
- added new races game win/defeat pictures

- shorten sound effects on some planet modules
- added new music

- fixed anti-matter converter ability flicker for Replicator capital ships
- fixed abilities for binary planet
- fixed replicator tractor beams
- added black hole event horizon and gravity ability
- fixed self destruct on Trade Alliance defense module
- fixed Trade Alliance 'armistice' ability so now it only disables weapons and abilities
- removed 'nanite infiltration' ability and research for Replicator Darkstar cruiser
- removed 'antimatter field' ability and research for Replicator Dominion cruiser
- removed ability 'sabotage module' for replicator defense platforms
- removed ability 'booby trap' for Trade Alliance defense platforms
- updated Replicator Starbase 'antimatter converter' ability
- updated Replicator Starbase manufactured Hord so they have a maximum 'use by date' of 15 minutes
- reduced Norlamin Malladax cruiser's 'capture & decoy' ability
- reduced Norlamin Skylark 2 cruisers 'capture & decoy' ability
- updated Norlamin cruiser's 'capture' abilities so research requires 2 less research platforms
- updated Trade Alliance's Starbase tradeport level by one, i.e now there are two levels
- updated Replicator Production Center ability and the abilities stack for multiple Center's
- updated Replicator Capitalship ability 'antimatter converts', shield mitigation from 20% to 10%
- fixed Replicator's Equalizer Cruiser's 'replicate' ability, produces one copy of themselves
- fixed Replicator's Ranger Host's 'replicate' ability so that it only produces one copy of itself
- updated Replicator's ability 'replicate' for all frigates to have increased cooldown times

- reduced mines from 150 to 50 (except on Terran or Desert home world). Damage of mines doubled.
- increased the maximum number of Starbases for ancients, Dyson swarm planets from one to two
- reduced the power and range of defense platform's for all the new races
- reduced the available resources for some of the new planets

- integrated the majority of the TSOP into mod
- halved number of Fighter, Bombers, Trade-ships, Refinery-ships, but doubled their fire power
- doubled frigate slot count, credits, metal, crystal, build time, hull, shields, armor, weapons, mass
- also for carrier cruises doubled their command points
- also for siege frigates doubled their planet bombing firepower

- reduced the number of levels for maximum planet population size for Replicators
- reduced research to 'decrease resource buy cost' for Norlamins
- reduced shield mitigation for Norlamin ships
- removed 'antimatter storage' research for Replicators
- fixed a number of research prerequisites levels fixed for Norlamins
- fixed a number of research prerequisites levels fixed for Replicators

- defense platform of the Norlamins use lasers
- defense platform of the Trade Alliance use Autocannons
- thumper defense platform of the Replicators use Plasma
- fighters of the Trade Alliance use Autocannons
- bombers of the Trade Alliance use Autocannons
- bombers of the Replicators use Plasma
- scout ships of the Replicators have auto attack off when built
- heavy cruiser of the Trade Alliance uses autocannons
- siege frigate of the Trade Alliance uses lasers
- orbital cannon's of the Trade Alliance and Norlamins re-balanced
- orbital cannon of the Norlamins now take 150 population from enemy planet on impact

- only Replicators Starbases move.
- fixed game quickstart
- a number of descriptions fixed
- small culture spread for Trade Alliance orbital Tradeport
- dreadnoughts, once upgraded to Starbases, can leave the gravity well, maxspeed is reduced by 50%
- expiry time for the dreadnought generated horde is level dependent, max 'shelf life' of 30 minutes
- updated Replicator Dreadnought model

Installation notes see ...
Installation Notes

Mod questions see ...
Maelstrom Mod FAQ

Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

I can't find any maps containing the Dyson Swarms and Extinct Planets D:

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soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom - - 2,620 comments

Go for gold ... try a huge single with 10 players. My preference for testing.
They do occasionally appear in the medium "Maelstrom" map
Or any of the random maps small, medium, huge.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Grizzly256 - - 202 comments

I have a similar problem, except that it affects every type of planet, the planet mesh and texture just arnt there, all the graphics are at the correct settings, the game is up to date, what is wrong and can anyone help?

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soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom - - 2,620 comments

What is the specs for your PC.
Video Driver up to date?
Try backing of your effects setting ...

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