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We are pleased to announce the release of the Maelstrom mod for Rebellion (release 18) 1.96 + DLC's.

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Highlights Rebellion (Release 18) 25/06/2022

* Outlaw Sectors DLC (Rampant Militia) - Militia spawn per owner race for Rampant Militia option
* Emergency Defense (Dreadnought Coordinator) Update. Three waves of emergence fleets spawned depending on level of damage to the Coordinator.
* 30 New Galaxy Maps (over 70 maps total added by Maelstrom)
* Replicators Mercury Frigate Replicate ability buffed ...
* 21 new planets (over 50 planets total added by Maelstrom) with unique textures, balance, random planetary abilities, planet unique bonuses, moons

Maelstrom Screenshots 1

Maelstrom Screenshots 2

Maelstrom Screenshots 4

Maelstrom Screenshots 5

Maelstrom Planets

Gas Planets
Ammonia, Chlorine, Helium

Giant Planets
Gas Giant, Ice Giant, Terran Giant, Rock Giant

Technological Planets
Ancients, Artificial, Ring, Hyperion, DysonSphere

Terran Planets
Goldilock, Neo-Luna, Nova-Terra, Utopian, Binary, Paradise, Diasporian

Ice Planets
Frigian, Gelid, Tempest

Volcanic Planets

Mineral Rich Planets
Carbon, Silicate, Mineral, Mining, Legendary

Extreme Plants
Irradiated, Toxic, Relic, Extinct, Fractured, Coreless

Biological Rich Planets
Aurora, Forest, Tundra, Jungle

Industrial Planets
Ecumenopolis, Metropolis, Industrial, Fortified, Valerian

Small Planets
Eccentric, Hycean, Meso, Planetar, Rogue

Unusual Planets
Aura, Chthonian, Enigma, Proto


Love your Work, Keep it up ^.^

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soase-maelstrom Author

Cheers. Glad you are enjoying the mod!

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On of my most fav mods, thanks for the update!

Did notice one potential issues, is that in somewhat longer games, with replicators seemingly having no limit and spawning infinite amounts of capital ships

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soase-maelstrom Author

Unless the Replicators have re-programed the game ... it is not possible.
They would have lots of Capitalships if they did the Hi tech research ... in a long game.

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