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For the moment the only things I have made are the world itself(not even done) and part of one of the two main citys, if I had scripters/ 3D modelers I could make more stuff, I am look for people to help do this, so.. we'll see

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For the first few weeks unless I can find people who are willing to work for 25% profit(2 people), I won't get to far with the game. I will do as much scripting/modeling I can. I'm not good at either one of them so I'll do my best. I will not be releasing the game, alpha or beta tests until the game is PERFECT! When the game suits my needs It will be anounced 1 month before release date. I will have 1 trailer released before the game is release(duh). I will have a couple Lets Play and sneek peeks of the game before release too!

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