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This news bring you a details about the new public beta release, coming soon to a theater near your resident :P

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Ready for a new beta of Acoustic Alpha's single mod? Ready or not you gonna see after all :P We set "ERD" shorten for "Estimated Release Date" sometime in October 2011, if it's delayed then it's on November 2011. Why? The reason is that the lacking of active members we had and for sure, time is not waiting for us.

This version is known as 0.8.x. "x" means we're not sure about the version you're going to release in the coming day; there are 0-9, the higher, the more contents and fixes are included.

"What will you see?"
First of all, new launch screens :P Seriously, you'll see a huge improvement since the latest beta "0.6.2" such as new dynamic and realistic sunlight reflection, new dynamic and not ugly-looking light rays or even our new dynamic particle effects. Overall, everything has changed, units, models, effects and so on.

Example units: J-20 PLAAF, Iron Dragon, Adv. Dragon Tank, Raging Dragon Tank, etc.

"What will you NOT see?"
Units according to the concepts. Why? Because we lacked of a good modeler who can builds things from scratch. Trees 3D shadows, yeah, why? Because I'm too lazy. Besides, Generals trees are not worth doing so. True water reflection, hmm, well, I'm not quite sure of that :P.

"What will you embrace?"
EMBRACE ETERNITY! Nah, you will definitely embrace the LAGS. Yeah but less, there is always lags, thanks to EA :P Other than that, semi-realistic locomotion system, the acceleration of vehicles and stuff. Weapon system has been tweaked. This beta "may" come with a installer and a launcher. Lastly, the dynamic surface locomotion system, change upon water and land.

"What will you play?"
We'll launch a "small" demo for story campaign which has continued from the event of Generals ZH. The details are secret :D Also, new maps and tweaked official maps. Yet also, a new shell map for those who hates my lovely Erika >:[

"What will you hear?"
Screams, definitely >:D New musics as well and some new sounds (by some I actually mean "some"). If you want to hear any music or song, feel free to suggest them.

Well, I'm not good in describing things with words but that's it.
Later, VectorIV.

P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

Those concepts looked like they were from 2100, so it's not a big deal that there wont be any. Keep it simple and to the timeline.

The J-20 PLAAF, Iron Dragon, Adv. Dragon Tank, Raging Dragon Tank are looking good, thats the 'spirit' i like :D

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thejafhar - - 1,521 comments

very good news! thanks

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Defcon6 - - 258 comments


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SveaRikeSoldier - - 1,625 comments

Yeah I am one of them! Good riddens...

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,192 comments

Yeah that's him :P

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Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

me 2

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