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Hey, everyone!

Several months have passed since our announcement of Football Story. So, it’s about time to share some great news for anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the scoreboard.

Football Story’s announcement on IndieDB resulted in several articles being posted by online journalists about the game. Thanks for taking notice! Since this time, we received several publishing offers. After putting a lot of thought into it, we decided to partner with Crytivo (

crytivo logo

Crytivo will help us spread the word, play test, and support us in many other ways. You can find out more about them on the Crytivo Store here.

Football story is an online game mixed with player stories. For the online portion of the game, which normally costs a lot, we intend to provide a fulfilling football experience without requiring a massive budget. We have been looking for a great multi-platform networking technology that will run well and be compatible with real-time physics. After a lot of reading and experimenting with Photon’s PUN, Bolt, and Truesync 1 and 2, we partnered with the creators behind these technologies and gained access to their latest and most powerful creation - Quantum.


So, all-in-all, we are now proud owners of the Quantum technology. What does this mean for the game? Well, you can certainly expect to see a logo during loading! Oh, and you can also expect the best network architecture for cross-platform play between PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android with minimal latency.

Now for some game stuff:

While the environmental game art was praised by many, the characters were found to be a little lacking, so we enhanced their style. Take a look at the updated character models:


The guy on the left will almost certainly not make it into the game, as he looks a little mushy on the pitch. He’s got some finicky details that are a bit off. We just left him here to show off :-D.

Our artists are currently focusing on various animations - running, idling, kicking, and dashing. There is also a fair amount of work that needs to be put into drawing lots of different clothing pieces for players. We know how important customization is! You can be a geek, tourist, farmer, policeman, or whatever comes to mind. Mix and match.

In further art news, we are adding visual effects to the match. The creation of these effects takes some skill, and while they may not be the most important thing in a game, they do play an important role in adding a ton of detail and interactivity to the environment. It helps to enhance movement fluidity and ultimately betters the gameplay experience:

balls jump2balls jump1RunDust2kick1kick21

These are some of the FX you can expect to see in the game. There are many more being worked on right now, so stay tuned for updates. We will be enhancing them as time goes on.

We are also working on more background animations for matches, including pre-match and city scenes to liven up the world.

birds 2

Here is a new prematch screen:

Menu 2

Here’s a little promo image we put together for Steam:

header green 616 n

This is the first promo image and it's a decent neutral base from which to grow. We will be drawing more promo images as the ideas start to flow. Consider proposing some!

On the technical side, we are currently finishing up project migration to the Quantum network. We will be conducting some internal testing in a week or two. Once we’re happy, we will begin closed testing with fans of the game and Crytivo Store members. If you’d like to participate, consider joining us in Discord (link).

That’s it for now! Next time, we will chat about how Football Story came to be and other interesting stuff that pops up as we go.

P.S. Here’s the game’s mascot for a smooth ending:


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