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Some more updates for the New Year. I really should be calling them monthly updates or something, but they're never regular enough for that. Most of these have already been completed, and more is in the works.

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-The V-Wing ground variant for the ZC has been replaced with the Skipray Blastboat, as the V-Wing was not canonically a bomber and carried no missile launchers.

-Land fighter squadrons are no longer victory relevent in battle, and must be supported by ground units to win a battle. This is to reflect the fact that aircraft can neither take or hold ground.

-Canonical price scaling. Ships and ground units have been scaled according to the price data I was able to find online. Based on the approximation that 1 ingame credit is equal to 1000 SW credits all units, including ground units and fighter squadrons, have had their prices adjusted. Planetary income has been doubled for GC, and asteroid income has been doubled in skirmish. This is done to first give the feel that you are actually collecting the income of a planet in GC, and to make sure that space skirmishes still allow you to get to the bigger vessels. It will also give you the incentive to go out and quickly take as many asteroids as you can. Now, if you fall behind, the difference in income will quickly become apparent.

-AI combat power. The combat power of all space units has been tweaked so that not only will the AI use them more effectively, but when you autoresolve, you won't lose half of your fleet of star destroyers to a squadron of fighters.

-More new and upgraded units courtesy of the Farseer (A Wing, Y Wing, Century Tank, Marauder, Corellian Gunboat, T2B, Skipray Blastboat, Mandalorian Infantry, Jedi Luke, Imperial Landing Craft (and AT-ST Variant), AT-PT, Millenium Falcon).

-Canon Century Tank replaces the TIE Mauler.

-Old CIS Armoured Assault Tanks will now be requisitioned from abandoned factories instead of Pod Walkers. Tank model courtesy of Keeper_of_Faith.

-The AT-PT is available to the Empire as a low-cost alternative to the AT-ST. It is equipped with laser cannons and grenade launcher and is extremely effective against infantry, but vulnerable to vehicles and turrets. It is most useful when used in conjunction with the AT-ST or Century Tank.

-AT-ST barrage special ability is now done with grenade launchers instead of laser cannons.

-All ground turret health has been increased, and some of their ranges have been increased.

-Starbase combat power has been tweaked so they won't kill your entire fleet in auto-resolve.

-Artillery ranges, both on the ground and in space, have been increased drastically. Now artillery can destroy your pretty, expensive fleet or formation of tanks long before they are able to see their attackers. This makes artillery a very nice thing to have firing from under your base shield where the enemy can't get at it, or hidden behind your cruisers while it pounds the enemy space station.

-FOW ranges have been increased for almost all ground units, so it doesn't feel like you're bumbling around in the dark in land battles.

-The Pirate Fighter has gained missile launchers as a secondary armament.

-Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, and Destroyer MK. 1 Droids are purchaseable from the Consortium Droid Factory and the Skirmish Hutt Palace.

As usual all comments and suggestions are welcome. Heres hoping you're all having a good New Year.



Nice, I really like these changes :-) Gonna be fun to trie them ingame.

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What happens if your aircraft kill all the enemy's units? Do you win then?

I'm really liking the stuff with the FOW ranges, turrets, etc. It reminds me of my old mod. I especially love the enormous Rihkxyrk fighters with their missile launchers and thick armor. :)

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p*a*t*t*o*n Author

havent tried that out yet, still testing other things. i do know that if all of your ground forces are destroyed you lose the battle and your fighters.

thanks. ya the assault fighters will be pretty tough, but wont be very manuverable, so they can be outflanked and destroyed pretty easily. just be sure you dont face them head-on or they will mess you up :)

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