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Greetings from Perisno! After reaching 15K downloads here on ModDB, I will talk a bit about our upcoming updates and changes. We're also launching an art competition, which you can participate in. Happy New Years!

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Greetings from Perisno, and happy New Years!

I know we're a bit late here, but we've been quite busy with producing new content and updating the mod. We've been working hard on putting together a patch with a bunch of bugfixes, while we're getting 0.8 together. We know it's tough to wait, we've been waiting for a few things ourselves, but you're gonna have to try to drag yourself through this wait. We love you.

Some news on the next mod update!
We've been asked quite a few times both on Steam, ModDB and the Taleworlds forums when we're releasing the next update. I have some bad and good news for you. We'll take the bad news first, just like in the TV series and movies - the release will most likely not be this week, nor next week. Now to the good news - it'll be out fairly soon. We're aiming for a late January - early February release. 0.8 will be a longer wait.

Good news for Mac and Linux users!
And for all those Mac and Linux players out there, I have some extra good news for you as well. We are aware that the in-game text is missing. A user of the mod released a player fix on Steam, which some of the users have been thanking him for. Although when the next patch is being released, I will personally put together a Mac and Linux version with a fix for this missing text, as it is currently unplayable for users of those operation systems.

What you can expect soon...
As I said, we are aiming to get a patch out as soon as possible, but there will also be some changes here on the ModDB and Steam pages. We have already changed the content of the description over at the Steam page, but it's not done yet. Neither is the ModDB page here. Personally, I am working on overhauling both of those a bit. There will primarily be new 2D graphics and lists of different things. The biggest difference will be here on the ModDB page, though. I will be doing some HTML and CSS on here to add a background and overall customize a whole bunch of things to make it look slick.

Community Art Competition!
We're launching an art competition which you guys can participate in! Click the picture below to read more about it! We're awating some pretty awesome artwork!

See you there!

- Perisno Dev. Team


You guys are awesome! Been here since the beginning, cant wait for next update man

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Thank you for playing :)

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