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Newly revamped website which we'll be keeping up to date with progress. A demo in late January, to help with the planned Kickstarter. Some new screenshots.

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New Website

We've revamped the website for MTS and the company -


We got a lot of feedback from the stills and videos. We got some great, not so great, and truly useful, feedback. However, we kept hearing the same criticisms and concerns time and again. Things we've already solved for but that just don't show even in the videos. So we decided that a demo would be essential for the Kickstarter.

So, yeah. Demo in January for the Kickstarter :)

No, not early January :P

More Screenshots

We've been a bit poor at uploading new screenshots here. I'll upload the new ones shortly, but if you can't wait then have a look at

Prototype Boss Prototype Boss
Hex Menu Mort Flower special attack

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