2D Side-Scrolling Turn-Based SHMUP

An 80's arcade shmup mixed with modern tactical turn based interface

Plan out your movements and attacks in detail with an ultra-modern tactical UI.

Bend the paths of incoming enemies with gravity wells and lassos.

Old Skool
Looks like a SHMUP right out of an 80's arcade. In stunning 320x240 huggable pixels.

Adds a pinch of dynamism to proceedings.

Nothing you won't have seen before... used in peculiar ways.

A strange tale of vengeance and a lot of repair...

AI Buddies play an integral part in the gameplay and story.

Leave your reflexes at home. For the bosses you'll need to wear your best planning hat.

Original music by NOYJ.

Now on Greenlight, come show us your support!

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Demo and Kickstarter

The much anticipated Kickstarter is now LIVE! You can download the pre-alpha demo from the Kickstarter page itself.

Also remember to vote for us on Greenlight!

Catch Up With The Updates

There have been some public updates along with the Kickstarter.

Watch Some New Videos

Firstly the Kickstarter video itself...

And there's also a newer mini trailer...

Shows, shows, shows!

We've been very, very busy taking Mighty Tactical Shooter out to UK shows. The public response has been great, and we learned a lot about what does and doesn't work in the game.

In the press!

We've had some great press coverage, but this Rock, Paper, Shotgun article is the highlight!

Dev Blog - Crush, Respawn, Engineer

Dev Blog - Crush, Respawn, Engineer

News 2 comments

A quick update about progress on the game. Crushers, checkpoints and respawn, the UI, gravity weapon timeouts, camera shake, fixing the intro, object...

New Website, Demo for January, more Screenshots

New Website, Demo for January, more Screenshots


Newly revamped website which we'll be keeping up to date with progress. A demo in late January, to help with the planned Kickstarter. Some new screenshots...

Mighty Tactical Shooter now on Greenlight

Mighty Tactical Shooter now on Greenlight


Ever wondered what an 80's style arcade SHUMP would be like if it were turn based? Well, our 2D Turn Based Tactical SHMUP is now on Greenlight and looking...

Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter coming soon!

Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter coming soon!


We're beavering away on setting up our Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.

yupfrank - - 30 comments

GAU Studios preview of the awesome Mighty Tactical Shooter Youtube.com

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Guest - - 692,342 comments

Hi will Mighty Tactical Shooter be able to run on a IPod Touch 3gn?

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themightygit Creator
themightygit - - 4 comments

Sorry for the slow reply. IndieDB doesn't alert me to new messages.

I don't yet know if it'll work on an IPod Touch 3gn - I haven't got to the stage of optimising for mobile yet. After the desktop release I'll most likely do Tablets next. And if that goes ok, then onto mobile.

The game is written in Unity - how well do other Unity games work on your iPod Touch 3gn?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
masamuneto - - 88 comments

I can to give you an answer. Unity games don't work fine because iPod Touch 3G don't have enough RAM. The only one is the iPod Touch 5, because it's the same spec than iPhone 4S .

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vfabien21 - - 40 comments

That game looks fun !
One suggestion : to have a better view of time in trajectories, dots could change color depending on how far in time they are.
You know that your missile will intercept an ennemy when both trajectories share the same color where they meet each other.

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themightygit Creator
themightygit - - 4 comments

Good idea. How do I know? Coz it's on my list of things to try out on the Alpha testers! :D

I'm a little concerned that the extra colours (or shading) will make things look too messy. So I was thinking I may just put a discrete little icon at the crossing point if it thinks they'll hit.

I'm looking forward to exploring it, but until the Demo and Kickstarter are sorted out it'll have to wait on the TODO list.

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more-badass - - 42 comments

Holy crap, this looks awesome. Saw your game on Greenlight, voted, followed, favorited!

When are you planning to start your Kickstarter? I run a small indie gaming blog, would definitely do an article and spread the word on Reddit and NeoGAF

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themightygit Creator
themightygit - - 4 comments

Hi, thanks for the kind words! I hope to get the Kickstarter off the ground before mid October.

Without community coverage indie games would have a tough time getting the word out, so your offer of more coverage is music to my ears! Thank you. If you have any questions for the article then ping them to me on twitter @TheMightyGit

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more-badass - - 42 comments

I love the tactical interface, looks very intuitive and visually cool. I'll probably wait for the Kickstarter to go live before posting anything so I can have the campaign link in my post about the game. Hope you're doing well on Greenlight and yeah I'm already following both your Twitter accounts :)


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