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As promised 1.34.12 has been delivered to WWII Online! Thanks to our fanbase for your patience, we're sure you'll enjoy the new weapons and other features we have added. This is a VERY important patch, as it marks the first time we have introduced new weapons in-game since mid-2011, a point we want to continue to emphasize and it shows very big development happening here.

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NEW WEAPON: German Gewehr 41

In 1940, the Wehrmact issued a specification for a semi-automatic rifle. Both Mauser and Walther submitted prototypes ó the Gewehr 41(M) and Gewehr 41(W), respectively. The Mauser rifle followed the specification much more closely ó the specification called for no moving parts on the surface and a bolt action in case the auto-loading mechanism failed ó but ultimately the Walther rifle was a far better weapon (more than partially because it had ignored those parts of the specification) and ended up being adopted by the Germany army.

Now available in WWII Online!

NEW WEAPON: French Mas40

The history of the MAS rifles starts shortly after the Great War, when the French were planning a massive rearmament built around the experience gained through decades of rifle design, two major wars, and dozens of colonial conflicts. In 1929 the French army adopted a 7.5x54mm cartridge, retiring the obsolete Lebel cartridge. The design competitions started in 1931 and, rather than attempting to find a specific weapon, the French were searching for the best parts from a wide range of design to create two new rifles: A bolt action rifle for second-line use, and a semi-automatic rifle for front-line use.

Now available in WWII Online!

Here is a copy of the readme for 1.34.12.

Download the new 1.34.12 game update (here).


World War Two Online - Battleground Europe


Version 1.34.12 released October 2015.


This game update marks the first time since we have introduced new weapons into WWII Online since mid-2011, a monumental achievement. The new team at Cornered Rat Software is working daily to improve your game and experience. We appreciate all of your support, your subscription keeps us going.

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NEW Infantry Weapons

  • French: Fusil Semi-Automatique MAS mle. 1940.
  • German: Gewehr 41 (Walther version).
  • British: Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I bolt cycle speed doubled.

Game Play Feature: No man’s land attack objective

This allows for AO’s to be placed on empty enemy towns that are directly linked with any flag. Includes all branches and flag types. Available during all AO counts (1,2,3+).

Boat Speed Increases

  • Troop Transport speed increased from 15 to 20 knots.
  • Fairmile Riverine speed increased from 20 to 25 knots.
  • Destroyer speed increased from 35 to 40 knots.

User Interface

  • Mac has a new launcher screen.
  • Added new text and image info for new weapons.
  • All boat speeds show new changes.


  • Updated DirectX Redistributables that are included with the installer.
  • 25mm AAA is now properly labeled.
  • M1 Garand bullet casing ejection fixed.
  • Gewehr 43 bullet casing ejection fixed.


These supply levels affect German and French Army units.

Infantry Brigades

  • 200 Bolt Action
  • 100 Semi-Auto

Armor Brigades

  • 50 Bolt action
  • 25 Semi-Auto


  • 15 Bolt Action
  • 10 Semi-Auto

Naval Brigade

  • 75 Bolt Action
  • 25 Semi-Auto
  • Note: This is the first time naval brigades have semi-automatic rifles in them.

A tremendous thanks to you all! Please spread the word and be sure to hop in-game! These new weapons are available during Tier0.

S! From Cornered Rat Software

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