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We have new game footage for Cyguard. We present a first look at one of our levels being developed for Cyguard. The video shows some of the are being designed for DM-Docks, as well as the movement features being designed for the game.

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New video footage was recently uploaded to youtube of our project Cyguard 7G. This is footage of one of the levels being designed for our online play, DM-Docks. It will allow for up to 32 players and will also have a vehicle mode. Located on one of the many waterfronts that make up Gold Coast's seasides, the docks are the landing point for the invading forces of BoA.

Comprised of warehouses, storage tanks, industrial cranes, and administrative buildings, the docks will be the scene of some intense fighting between Cyguard and the forces of BoA. This is a work in progress so more news and videos of its development will follow along and allow players to see the evolution of this level. You can find the video here on you tube

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