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The new version 1.0.5 is now live on Steam. We added a blueprint library to save and exchange your builds, more creatures and a lot of improvements & bug fixes.

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Hi everyone!

The new version 1.0.5 is now live on Steam. We added a blueprint library to save and exchange your builds, more creatures and a lot of improvements & bug fixes.

Blueprint library:



Following community feedback, we replaced the Spinosaurus and Triceratops on Omicron with three nasty creatures.

Desert worm:


Desert golem:


Tentacle creature:


In addition, based on community feedback, we integrated a lot of improvements and bug fixes in the new version 1.0.5 features as documented in the Changelog below.

The Save Games will be broken in the next release. However, we implemented the Blueprint library so that you can save your builds to this library. In addition, you now can exchange your builds easily with your friend: see Blueprints folder under Saves (however, no Steam Workshop integration yet).

Changelog Pre-Alpha 1.0.5


  • Added blueprint library to save and exchange your builds
  • Added 3 new creatures on Omicron (removed Spinosaurus and Triceratops)
  • Added possibility to open doors manually (via T) even without power (now it should be working)
  • Added several decorational models for bridge of capital vessel
  • Added several other models (not functional yet): antenna, radar, science lab
  • Two wild plants from Omicron can now be grown in Growing Plot: coffee and aloe vera
  • GV booster capacity is now displayed in info window
  • Jetpack charge is now displayed in info window
  • Increased detection and attack range of enemy turrets to 500m (for SV / GV)
  • Repair tool can now remove plants with RMB (particle effects not final yet)

Improvements and Changes:

  • Text labels of vital life stats are now colored yellow or red in low zone, red blinks in addition
  • Switched Buttons: OK / Cancel to be consistent with other applications (e.g. Windows): OK -> left, Cancel -> right
  • New name is suggested if name already exists
  • Tweaked interaction sound when hovering over an object
  • Increased width of info window
  • Destroyed drones de-spawn time increased to 5 min
  • Dead creatures de-spawn time increased to 2 min
  • Adjusted mesh and UV mapping of Cockpit SV /GV to allow different inside/outside transparencies
  • Pause key can now be re-mapped (via Controls)
  • Temporarily removed Turret (Cannon) due to aiming problem
  • Temporarily removed Sentry Guns from templates until auto turret is implemented
  • Adapted texture on cockpit CV screen
  • Alien towers on Omicron are now equipped with 4 Ion Cannons
  • Nerfed weapon SV range
  • Adapted stacking size for different blocks.
  • Increased damage for shotguns
  • Pulse Rifle: Less tint for scope and increased damage
  • Increased speed of laser shots
  • Drill: Increased drill charge capacity, reduced load time, tweaked drill charge template.
  • Increased damage inflicted by creatures
  • Increased health of drones
  • Increased armor of all cockpit SV / GV
  • Less impact effect on drones when they get hit
  • Increased size of sugar cane plant
  • Increased food value for many simple food items, e.g. steak, ham, salami, ribs, bread, etc
  • Significantly increased food value for complex food items: e.g., pizza, burgers, canned food, etc
  • Adapted template for different food items for easier production
  • Balanced food drop when killing creature
  • Significantly adapted templates for weapons (increased resources need for weapons, variation in production costs for weapons, advanced weapons need advanced resources & components, etc.)
  • Fridges are now accessible via Control Panel P
  • Added missing weapon damage stats (Laser Rifle + pistol, rocket launcher etc) to info panel


  • Fixed water planes flickering
  • Fixed picking up items into toolbar if inventory was full.
  • Fixed bug that GV could fly even without hover engine
  • Fixed bug that door and elevator could not be removed
  • Fixed bug that one could shoot through rocks with rockets
  • Fixed bug that drone did not detect player under water

awesome update. i havent seen your game on steam, is it free? i will go look here in a little while. if its free i will definitely download it soon.

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It's currently in the closed alpha stage, those who pre-ordered are able to play.

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**** sake, I really want to play this but can't. Only those who pre-ordered it can play? And your game is not available on Steam.
I also sent you an email asking to be able to try it, but got a no.
Do you want your game to be popular or not?

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Check the greenlight section. It's not available to download unless you have a code gotten by pre-order. And the closed alpha will not last too long (hopefully).

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