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Released: ID1 (Quake original) only at the moment, MP1/MP2 and the third party packs will follow suite in their own time. There is now only one build with a graphical mode change system, instead of four. Respective uncapped FPS benchmarks for the four different graphics modes on my machine, on a complete playthrough of episode 4 mission2 are as follows: Low: 427fps Medium: 255fps High: 159fps Ultra: 45fps

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v2 - 12/05/2012:

Only one build now. Graphics levels are changed via a batch/bash script, and the default graphics quality level is 'High'. To change the graphics quality level:
Windows: run (double-click) "epsilon - change graphics quality.bat"
Mac/linux: run (double-click) "epsilon - change graphics quality - linux and mac"

Top level changes:
* Consolidated four builds into one, wrote batch/bash scripts for users to switch graphics quality levels (which swap graphics packages in and out and change game settings).
* Optimised rygel texture pack and qrp texture packs, fixed missing textures, improving performance (~10fps on my machine) and reducing download and loading times.
* Wrote bash scripts for running on Mac/Linux, retained executable permission status of darkplaces in package (thanks to LordHavoc and Andlinux).
* Added high poly packages for 'ultra' and 'high' graphics quality levels
* Consolidated build size is now about 2.2GB, about 2/3 the size of the original 'ultra' build and 1/4 the size of all of the previous builds put together.

Lower level changes:
* Changed TGA's to PNG's (when alpha's present) or jpeg in most packages to reduce size.
* Optimised performance settings and packages for each graphics level
* Separated normal textures out (not used in Low quality level) from other packages.
* Optimised SMC effects enabled for each quality level
* Optimised lighting settings for 'Low' quality level ('high' lighting).
* New sky for some levels (moondrunk/jenk/beafeater, me)
* Better teleport and slime textures for rygels pack (edited by me)
* Re-zipped pk3s using store. Faster loading, negligible size difference, better overall compression for downloadable zip (equates to 'solid' archiving for individual archives).
* Removed lightbeam support from reflecting overload. Until such point in time as computers quadruple their single core processing speed or darkplaces becomes multiprocessor-secure.
* A myriad of other fixes

Additional notes can be found in the id1/readmes folder, as can details for many of the mods used.

Sources & Thanks to:

Lordhavocs Darkplaces:
Quake shareware:
Seven's Lava mod:
Moondrunk/JenK/Beafeater moving sky:
Mindgrid Audio upgrade:
Ooppee's explosive barrels upgrade:
Seven's Small mod compilation:
Environment effects (various authors):
Seven's Pretty water and Vis'd maps:
Reflecting overload (various authors):
Quake Reforged Monster skins (bestiary):
Quake reforged project health packs (various authors):
Rygel's texturepacks (my build of this is optimised):
Diabolipak music replacement:
Fredrikh Shambler remodel:
Effect-enabled powerups (various authors):
Inkub's RTLights:
Quake Revitalisation Project textures:
Shamblers Castle Hipoly models and skins:
Fragger's skins:
MH's .lit lighting pack:


Thanks for the Mod! PS:Question: When I create a server or my friend in co-op is delayed sound from the client, and if I go to the server Dark places where everything is normal, a friend is the same, run the same version on high settings.

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metamorphosis Author

Never saw this till now - possibly a newer version of darkplaces would fix your problem.

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The latest 2.52 version has this problem. Whether my friend hosts or I host the person joining can't see a lot of effects (like the fire in those firepits on the left and right of the very first level) and you hear your guns shoot 10-15 seconds after you shoot your gun.

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