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Yo, two weeks from me there was no news, it's time to tell what I did during this time.

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Well, I did a pretty good job over the past two weeks and I want to say that the weapon pack 
is almost completely completed. But to be honest, Belial needs to add the sword of Shiva, 
but this is already in the next update. Now I want to show you all some screenshots!

Screenshot Doom 20200820 135357
Screenshot Doom 20200820 155538
Screenshot Doom 20200820 202120

Added two new monsters, and also changed some weapon skins

Screenshot Doom 20200831 054734

I also slightly changed the minigun model (added detail) and replaced the sounds

Screenshot Doom 20200825 153342

replaced the boltgun model (model from Painkiller Hell & Damnation) and also added the arm model

Screenshot Doom 20200825 183803

Replaced the stakegun model (fixed model by havcom) Now, during reload, the cord on the left is also animated.

Screenshot Doom 20200825 173205

I also increased the rate of fire for the electrodriver by 3 times, and now the shurikens cause bleeding from opponents.

Also, I ported the key models from Doom Eternal

Screenshot Doom 20200831 015123

VERY IMPORTANT: before starting the game, enable the "Precache GL textures" option and restart the game
options > advanced > display options > openGL Options > texture options

Screenshot Doom 20200831 072327

Link to download latest build:

or alternative link:

And try not to forget to enable the Precache GL textures option!

This is SOOOOO cool

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Kill.Murphy Author

Many thanks!

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ach ha je du auch auf modb

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