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New update fixing a variety of small bugs, and a couple of level enhancements

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A small handful of bugs have come to light over the last few months, and after watching a lot of streams of people playing the mapset I had noted a small handful of areas that would benefit from relatively minor adjustments to the levels.

With those in mind, I've put together a small enhancement update. The changes are:

  • Earth 1: Added slightly more ammo at start of level
  • Earth 3: Removed excess ammo at start of level
  • Earth 4: Slight monster adjustment
  • Water 4: Fixed secret not appearing on lower difficulties
  • Water 5: Fixed minor graphical issues
  • Fire 4: Better view of the vista at start of level
  • General: Level title remains on screen for slightly longer to aid readability
  • General: Opening text makes it clearer there are currently only three episodes
  • General: Fixed damaging floors being ineffective on Mild-Violence and Medium-Violence

The Fire 4 addition is probably the biggest change. I had always intended to have more of a vista at the start of the map, but ran out of time before release date. So I used this as an opportunity to add one in:

New Fire 4 vista

As with previous updates, save games will not transfer between versions (it's a limitation with GZDoom).

Also, this seems a nice opportunity to celebrate passing 10,000 downloads! A big thank you to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed our mapset!

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