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Some news and personal feedback to the community of the module.

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Hello everyone.

It has come to my attention the unexpected surprise of a new update to Diplomacy 4.litdum mod - found here: - created by the legend litdum himself. These are some amazing news, and I had some fun time with the module by now. I wholeheartedly recommend you guys check it out.

Then, it might also come by no surprise that, considering my modifications have always being based upon the 4.litdum module, I cant continue to develop it on an outdated version. Obviously adapting all the changes requires a lot of time as many will need to be done from the ground up once again. Because of this, this module page will become a legacy version while I come to eventually release an updated version of reloaded - after a lot of playtesting 4.litdum that is.

My vision of the game has changed a lot these past months. Combined with a lot of factors like having little to no time to develop/code/modify the game, the development of Reloaded has come to a halt lately. Whoever, I will try to take this as a lesson: to simplify and improve my modifications, and not get caught on "what can" while forgetting "what needs" to be added or changed. You can all disagree on my stance for game balance and what features are good and bad: and for that, the original 4.litdum will always stand as an amazing, polished and feature-rich quality option for you to play.

I plan to begging converting some of my modifications, mainly troop trees and claimant's relics, alongside an almost ready-to-release (now postponed of course) change to the leveling progression, intended to emphasize the RPG qualities of Warband - an Unleashed version, per say.

It was an amazing journey, with ups and downs, but always fun nonetheless. I hope to bring some followers from this mod version to the next one, and continue to improve the game with the tools and possibilites I got with this amazing community.

Thank you all for reading, and some special thanks to:
- All the commenters on the modpage - Thanks! Lots of feedback received, lots of features and such suggestions - some got implemented, some couldn't. Always keeping the modpage on the tops of the Warband section, and for that you all have my utmost gratitude. Honorable mentions goes to DarkMaster03, lezalit54, JD990, Matt2010, Cephas369, MedicOlkie, bchis17, Colorlessnight, and the many many Guests who were as important as all and I just cant cite every single one. Thanks folks!
- Could never forget to mention LaGrande for all the reasons above and more. A true friend for this campaign. Thank you, I hope you're doing well!

- And last but never least, litdum for creating the amazing module Diplomacy 4.litdum witch made possible all my creations and time spent modifying this gem of a mod. Thank you!

Be well you all!

See ya!

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Can't wait for this new update, I love your mods but good luck with your irl things

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