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The new update is ready to download and install! New sounds, effects, new weapons and special abilities are already waiting for you in it!

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new update 0267

C&C Generals World War II v. 0.27.6 Released!

WOW! How to update or install?

Install mod using GenLauncher (recommended: easy & stable way) on your ZH folder. Latest version of GenLauncher today:


Use full mod installer v.0.27 and update mod from our launcher to v.0.27.6 if you dont have pre-installed ZH

New installation method is available - through the multi-launcher of ZH mods: GenLauncher from Del!

If you already have Zero Hour and/or other mods installed that you don't want to lose (some mods conflict in the registry) OR our standart full-installer not works correctly on ypur PC -- we recommend you use the GenLauncher method.

Most of ZH fans says, that is easiest way to install mods for Zero Hour is through GenLauncher

GenLauncher allows you to download and install multiple mods at the same time while keeping the original installation of the Zero Hour game.

It is recommended to disable antivirus and real-time protection so that your antivirus does not interfere with GenLauncher.

C&C Generals World War II v. 0.27.6 Released!

The full patchnote of 0.27.4

Minor update 12.09.22

- add new Map "Oil Rampage" (adopted and reskinned from ZH) for 2 players
- add new Map "Bliss" (fixed Twilight Flame & adopted and reskinned from zH) for 8 players
- remove large number of trees and optimising in Defense map
- remove large number of trees and optimising in Hostile Dawn map
- remove large number of trees and optimising in Ice River map
- remove large number of trees and optimising in Snow Tournament map
- update lights, and add more sources in Zugstadt map
- remove Infinite Justice from map list (this map lags and cannot be fixed)
- fix ShellMapMDFury
- fix ShellMapMDVictoryDay
- fix ShellMapMDProhorovka
- fixes in lang file rus|eng
- add french lang file for GenLauncher downloading options
- add "Detonate Now" command in jap inf kamikadze commandset
- fix "Guard Close" commandbutton image
- fix buttons in AT guns commandsets and add "Guard Close" command
- fix rus rifleman commandset (add airguard after weapon upgrade)
- fix bayonet attack in all riflemans commandsets with upgrades
- fix hummel commandset
- fix KV2 commandset
- try to fix daimler mkII self shooting
- try to fix german sdkfz7flak self shooting
- added a new effect of the destruction of buildings of players through a gradual fall down (similar to civilian buildings)
- increate HP to bunkers (500->800)
- add new KWK30 scatter radius and shell explodes effects/sounds/shells
- add new 12mm x4 Flak Browning effects/sounds/shells
- add new 20mm x4 Flak effects/sounds/shells
- add new 37mm Flak ZSU-37 effects/sounds/shells
- divided weapons for all anti-aircraft guns into air defense and ground (for effects and different firing radius). All anti-aircraft guns have both types of weapons and switch them automatically, depending on the target.
- Fix SU122 LongRangeDecalObject radius
- add new weapone for all first tier self-propelled artillery: now they have different rate of fire, damage, sounds and effects, but the same range of fire and DPM:
* su76 - 76mm - flatter trajectory, smaller caliber, shoots more often - 1 shot in 6sec, damage 76, 10 shots per minute (760dpm)
* Bishop - 88mm - high trajectory, smaller caliber, fires more often - 1 shot per 7sec, damage 90, 8.57 rounds per minute (771dpm)
* Priest (HMC M7) - 105mm - high trajectory, smaller caliber, fires more often - 1 shot per 9sec, damage 115, 6.66 rounds per minute (766dpm)
* sIG 33 (Bison) - 150mm - VERY high projectile trajectory (howitzer, slow projectile), more damage (like kv-2), lower rate of fire (like kv-2) - 1 shot per 12sec, damage 150, 5 shots per minute (750dpm)
* HoRo - 150mm - VERY high projectile trajectory (howitzer, slow projectile), more damage (like kv-2), lower rate of fire (like kv-2) - 1 shot per 12sec, damage 150, 5 rounds per minute (750dpm) )
- add new weapone for all third tier self-propelled artillery: now they have different rate of fire, damage, sounds, effects range of fire, DPM & сhanged the main type of shooting from single to salvo:
* SU122 - 122mm - 4 shells in clip, shorter range, the ability to fire chemical weapons after the upgrade, the ability to fire single cumulative projectiles at half the range (against vehicles, less dispersion)
* KingKong (M12) - 155mm- 5 shells in clip, long range
* Hummel - 150mm - 6 shells in clip, the ability to fire chemical weapons after the upgrade
- add new effects/sounds/shells for KV-2
- add new effects/sounds/shells for ISU-152
- add new effects/shells for SturmTiger
- increased scatter radius for bm13 shells 65->100 (due to this, the area of target destruction is increased)
- reduced scatter radius for riflemans and increased firepower at 30%
- add miss shell explodes for infantry weapons
- Add difference for SMGs in all nations: now they have different sounds, effects, damage, AttackRange, ScatterRadius, WeaponSpeed, DelayBetweenShots, ClipSize. New weapons:
* Thompson,
* PPsH,
* Mp38/40/41,
* Stg44,
* M1Garand
- add new bayonet attack weapon for all riflemans
- update bazookas & panzerschreck weapon (reduced reloading 15->7, small increased rate of fire)
- update bazookas & panzerschreck prise (450 -> 400)
- increased the amount of bazookas & panzerschreck released at a time (1 -> 2).
- reduced the amount of infantry with SMG released at a time (3 -> 2).
- infantry with SMG no longer requires rank 2 to build (except Japan), only a war factory is needed.
- add new Smoke Grenades Ability for vihicles. Timer 2 min. The ability allows you to hide armored vehicles from the enemy's field of vision for a few seconds (does not give stealth!), preventing him from attacking them (useful for microcontrol). List of vehicles:
* Daimler MkII
* Crusader
* Matilda MkII
* Churchill
* Cromwell
* M4 (British)
* M4 FireFly (British)
* M3Grant/M3Lee
* Stuart
* Chaffie
* M26
* PzKpfw I
* PzKpfw III
* PzKpfw IV
* PzKpfw IV (H)
* PzKpfw V (Panther)
* PzKpfw VI (Tiger I)
* PzKpfw VI Auf B (KonigTiger / Tiger II)
- add 2 transport slots in su76
- reduced HP for BT7 and BA6
- fix stealth settings for vehicles: vehicles can no longer be invisible while moving, except for BA6, SU76 and Archer
- anti-aircraft self-propelled guns no longer need fuel to operate
- the amount of fuel required for all aircraft has been increased by 1. New fuel consumption pattern:
* Fighters - 3 units
* Attack aircraft - 3 units
* Bombers - 4 units
- disable MaxSimultaneousOfType for all types of aircraft
- disable MaxSimultaneousOfType for all factories and airfields
- disable MaxSimultaneousOfType for lend-lease
- fixed officers machine gun (it accidentally hit them), replaced with default SMG
- add new effects/sounds/shells for a weapon shot from the turret of the german technical center
- add new effects/sounds/shells for a weapon shot from the heavy defence artillery turrets of germany and ussr
- fixed muzzle elevation for Bishop, Bison, Hummel, HoRo, M7, M12, Su76 and SU122
- fixed muzzle elevation for KV-2 and SturmTiger
- fixed missing SturmTiger radius decal
- Added hotkey for selling buildings [&L]
- Added hotkey to buy an upgrade for additional storage [&B]
- update experience level for get rank. Current required experience levels: Rank 1 - 0 Rank 2 - 300 Rank 3 - 1200 Rank 4 - 2700 Rank 5 - 5000
- Major code refactoring to improve its stability and performance
- fix git storage
- Another minor fixes

The full patchnote of 0.27.5

Minor update 16.09.22

- fixed daimler self-damage
- fixed sdkfz222 self-damage
- fixed пerman AA SPG self-damage
- fixed infantry bayonet attack (fixed the possibility of causing damage to vehicles and aircraft)
- fixed the attack of indantry medics by deactivating chemical weapons on everything
- fixed super-kill rifles for snipers and super soldiers (rose/barton/onoda)
- increased demining speed with dozers
- fixed the construction queue in the light factory of the USSR
- fixed the construction queue in the technical center of the USSR
- building buttons for bazookas have been returned to barrack command sets (only for bots)
- fixed disintegration of opel trucks with infantry when decontaminating contaminated areas by medics
- fixed descriptions of fuel consumption for all aviation
- removed indications of quantity limit from descriptions in aviation and buildings
- fixed map names in french translation
- fixed missing descriptions of new abilities in french translation

The full patchnote of 0.27.6

Minor update 19.09.22

- add new Map "Unity B" (adopted and reskinned from ZH) for 6 players
- add new Map "Tournament Graveyard" (adopted and reskinned from ZH) for 6 players
- add new Map "Whiteout" (adopted and reskinned from ZH) for 8 players
- fixed amount of fuel for AI work in all allied campaign missions
- fixed preset textures and unit settings on some maps
- fixed stealth type for soviet T-34-85
- fixed the presence of a limit on the number of Soviet airfields and factories
- Other minor fixes

Generals World War II Online Event

Tonight there will be C&C World War II stream celebrating Zero Hour's 19th anniversary!

Tune in for Aceypaul's stream at 21:00 GMT+0 (0:00 UTC+3)

We are waiting for you in the #🎮network-chat discord channel, bring your friends and have fun))
In case of any problems during installation or in the mod itself, you can always ask for prompt help in our
1 AsB hCguMYC wEG2B
Make sure you download the latest Generals World War II version 0.27.6!

See you on the battlefield))

Local Area Network multiplayer using Radmin VPN

Official radmin network, which can be found via search (network -> join an existing network):
Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour - World War II

How can you help?

If you wish to show your appreciation towards project, please consider backing me up on DonationAlerts. You can also join our Discord server and hang out with me or other folks, I won't be there much because I really need to concentrate on my job.


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