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A new update that brings important changes to both base and greedy versions.

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Hey guys! The mod has been updated to bring new changes to both base and greedy versions. Here's the list of the main changes:

- Installing only the Base Version NO LONGER AFFECTS YOUR CUSTOM STORIES! In fact Base Version now only affects some already existing files which are not used in any way by custom stories devs. In detail: it affects the main maps of the game (for obvious reasons) and some lang files (changes needed to show info on the screen when interacting with the buttons to change the current played in-game mode).

- The in-game buttons used to change the current mode have been REMOVED FROM ALL HUBS! The only place you will be able to find them is in the very first map, next to where Daniel wakes up. This change has been done to prevent several bugs caused by changing the current mode mid-game, now you can choose the mode only at the beginning of the game, choose wisely!

- Changed funny enemies music to be all royalty free and YouTube-friendly.

- All enemies sounds (both standard and funny modes) are now "3D" which means that you can tell (if you're wearing headphones) from where the sound is coming from.

- Added new step sounds to enemies.

- Changed extra pros/cons to all difficulties (except normal difficulty).

- Fixed oil barrels so the game remembers if you've already emptied an oil barrel in the past, instead of resetting each time the related map is visited.

- Changed some goodies locations.

That's all! I hope you'll enjoy the new update! See you :D

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