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A post covering the abilities of our latest unit, the Necrotitan!

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New Unit: The Necrotitan

The Undead have had a smaller roster of units for quite some time now, but all that changes with the release of the Necrotitan!

The Necrotitan is a giant warrior of ancient times, brought back to life to serve the Lich King in his legions. It provides a massive health pool as well as steady AOE damage to the Undead lineup.


Death Beam lets the Necrotitan shoot a ray of necrotic energy at his enemies, dealing death damage as it passes through them. Similar to the Pitfiends beam attack this ability provides consistent AOE damage on top of his melee attack which is already has a built-in cleave.

The Undead have struggled to reach 100% in our recent play-testing. This is due to their lower damage and healing in comparison to the other races. However, this doesn't mean they shouldn't reach maximum ultimate at the same rate. Ancient Oath ensures that the Undead can achieve maximum ult at the standard pace.

Ancient memories of battle let the Necrotitan periodically spirit shift and attack a nearby target with Phantom Strike. The interesting thing about this ability is that it can proc during other abilities, like Death Beam.

Phantom Legion is the 3rd ultimate ability for the Undead roster and has been incredibly fun in our recent play-testing. The effect lasts up to 25 seconds allowing a single Necrotitan to cut through the enemies formation with constant death-damage attacks. I can't wait to upload some real test footage because the audio component to this ability is just as interesting as the visual component.

Check out this amazing gif from our most recent round of private play-testing; you can see the Necrotitan absolutely cut through a Guardian Golem using his ultimate ability, Phantom Legion.

The Newsletter

Our first month on IndieDB has been (in my opinion) very successful in terms of views and general interest expressed. In addition, our website has seen a lot of traffic. We'd like to welcome anyone who's interested in Salt the Earth to subscribe to our newsletter. That way we have a more detailed list of people who are genuinely anticipating the release of Salt the Earth. We promise to only use the newsletter to keep players up-to-date with news about new units and features, and of course, the release date. If you're interested you can find the signup option on our home page at

The Next 2 Weeks

I wanted to give anyone that's interested a heads-up that there may not be a post for the next two weeks. The reason for that is simple. I need to re-write some core code to make the system cleaner and easier to use. However, this isn't visually interesting, but it is work that needs to be done. After this, we'll get back to working on new units, abilities, and new maps. Two weeks is my conservative estimate, it may be sooner than that. Thank you to everyone that's interested in Salt the Earth.

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