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After the new screenshots, the new trailer ! Featuring in-game cinematic and gameplay.

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When I released the first trailer and started promoting the game at Steam Greenlight about two months ago, I have been receiving a lot of feedback and comments especially about the graphics that were too low in quality.

This is why I decided to greatly improve the graphics and update all the media about The Alien Wasteland. So after the screenshots, here is the trailer with the improved graphics ! Don't forget to watch it in HD !

Featuring in-game cinematic and gameplay, you can now have a good idea of how the game will looks like, but since it may not be final don't hesitate to tell me what you think about !

About the development, I decided to change the plan in two main points :

  • Leave for the moment all additional features I wanted to add like multiplayer, map editor, more maps, etc...
  • Make a short and polished playable version of the game as soon as possible so I can start having feedback from the players.

This way I will be able to release the game sooner and understand which things I have to improve !

So it's all for now, I would like to thank everyone who voted for the game at Steam Greenlight and posted comments here ! Talking of Greenlight, during the moment I write these lines the game is at 73% to be Greenlit !

Gexgekko - - 69 comments

The first part of the video is LOLicious, reminds me a bit of GMod XD
Now talking about the "technical" look and gameplay, looks cool, but the aliens have no clipping and you are all the time having a brown/red/orange texture in front of the screen, blocking your view. It's not a problem if you are fighting those small... velociraptors (or whatever they are), but if you have a bigger dinoalien you won't be able to play because the screen will be always blocked by the textures. The gameplay itself looks good, but I think you should fix the view issue to make the game "play-able" (not sure if it's a clipping issue or what, but I hope you know what I am talking about).

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Devdan Author
Devdan - - 61 comments

Ah yes, you mean when the aliens get so close to the player that you can see "inside" them ? It's because I haven't correctly set their collision boxes and made their melee attack animations.

It's something I will have to fix in the final release, thank you for reporting !

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Gexgekko - - 69 comments

Yes, I was talking about that. Game looks cool so keep improving!

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SPY-maps - - 2,907 comments

Said it severel times before but will say it again, games looks awesome!
It has that nice arcade style of gameplay and the overall look of the game is very good. Have to agree with what Gexgekko said about the clipping of monsters and am glad to hear you agree and will be looking in to that to fix before final release.

So, don't understand me wrong please. Game is awesome but i keep falling over the monster look, specially the small ones. The way they run and the way there feet look. They are so "pointy", and the way they run looks a bit odd and "quickly" made. Not sure how to say this well, am not English. But there running animation looks like it is made in a hurry, what ofcourse will not be the case at all. Its just that all the animations look so much better.
Still, give it at least a 9 out of 10.
Great job!!

And a map editor?!?!
WOW, this will make it possible to get much more maps out, made by the


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Devdan Author
Devdan - - 61 comments

Well ... I agree but I find that these odd animations for the aliens are actually making the game even more funny !

Now I had some troubles making good anims for quadriped creatures and I have to say I rushed it a bit since I still had to do all animations for the 9 weapons of the game (and each weapon requires equip, fire, reload, drop, lower, upper anims) plus all animations for the character in the cinematic of the trailer !

For the map editor, you should check this post I written on Steam about all the modding abilities I wanted for this game :

Thank you for you comment !

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