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New interesting things in future beta version (its will be on Christmas or later)

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Hello friends

Want to speak about Dawn of Immolation beta version. Its will be on Christmas or even in New Year or later, not now. Sorry me for not good mods as Eldar Rebalance, Dawn of War Awakening of Evil and Genestealers Mod. I deleted those mods because i don`t want to work with them anymore and that was not good projects for Dawn of War. So Dawn of Immolation for me now is main mod.
I am returned to DoW modding, i am not busy with Total War now. I finished my Total War mod and some big people gave me special award for it. So now i can work with Dawn of War mods.

New interesting updates in Dawn of Immolation future beta:

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1. Red Scorpion Order replaces vanilla Space Marines race

2. New units, new balance changes and AI for Yu-Vath race

3. Maybe more new races as combiner

4. Superweapons for all races (thanks to UA team and Cylarne)

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5. Updated Red Necrons

6.More units for Imperial Guard

Best regards Alexander Bagatur

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