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A sneak peak at the next version of Reborn! In video form!

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Hey everyone. Sorry about the recent silence, we have been busy. One of our Moderators, VERTi60, has recorded some neat footage from a test a bit ago however, and I thought I would share it to you:

Just a few notes:

  • The New HUD was an experimental change in this patch, it isn't finished.
  • The reason for the missing health and ammo displays is because I forgot to include font files...
  • The Enforcer is using placeholder models for the character and weapon. While the character MAY be released with the placeholder, the weapon for sure will not be.
  • You may notice Field_2 is back. It has been renamed to Field, with the original Field being renamed to Desert_River

So what is left you may ask?

  • Add new logic for Jumpjets so they cannot fly inside buildings or tunnels
  • Fix up some maps
  • Add the new Sabotage beacons to Chameleon Spies
  • Finish off the new HUD

These will take a bit, but the wait shouldn't be too long now. This patch pretty much finalized the disk thrower and the enforcer balancing, and really the only tweaking needed is in Jumpjets and some new features.



**** sux gtfo of moddb

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Aren't you just such a special case.

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GeneralCamo Author

I see you are still mad about being insta-killed by me in World of Tanks.

Love you too Lord_Kane.

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yes, slightly.

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This is looking good, maybe another video closer to release build would be nice to see what the placeholders get replaced with. And what the font would look like! :)

Keep it up!

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cool !! 10\5

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