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I have added new building for the Imperial Guard, tank traps. I have also added mortars and missile launcher squads to this race to provide additional firepower.

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As always i let myself diverge a bit when deciding what to add next to the mod, i usually add something to Orks than analyse other races and decide what to do next. Today i bring you an update on the work on the Imperial Guard front. I've added tank traps as a building and its main objective is blocking the path to enemy vehicles, it already works but it is still a work in progress and will require a lot of testing before i am happy with it. On the new units side, i have added some mortar squads and missile launcher squads that fit nicely in the IG race. The missile launchers compensate the lack of infantry vehicle counters and the mortars complement the siege or defensive bombardment used by this race. Both units are alreadu working correctly but require some work namely in the description area.

Here is a video of tank traps and also mortars working ingame:

Hope you enjoy it!


You like killing Orks alot. :)

Dood, that is impressive, really. ;)

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He is the Anit-Ork

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GreenScorpion Author

Orks are predictable and you can count on them to do exactly what is needed in such demonstration. Besides orks are so common that killing hundreds of them doesn't really make a difference cause there are like millions where those came from only in a given planet.

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