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A new massive Tank Revolution installment is announced; featuring a full-blown campaign mode, cross-platform support, and more! First public alpha coming soon.

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It is with great excitement that I announce the development of a new Tank Revolution installment! It has been a long time since I canceled the development of Tank Revolution 3D, leaving it short but nonetheless enjoyable. However all throughout the development of Block Battle Online and my attendance of Edmond’s Community College I felt bad for never completing it and secretly harbored the ambition to create a redeeming sequel in the future. That ambition shall remain just an ambition no longer as the next game finally comes to fruition!

"Great, so give me some details already!"

The new Tank Revolution game will be massive in comparison to the previous installments. I plan to create a full-blown campaign mode with multiple worlds to clear, player upgrades, way more different enemy types, and I’m entertaining the idea of unique missions and achievements. I also plan to make a survival mode with an endless randomly generated map. It will depend on how much time I have left before my deadline, however I am extremely open to the idea of LAN multiplayer and co-op as well.

The new Tank Revolution game will be cross-platform. The focus will be on android, however I have no intention of withholding it from PC, OS X, Linux, and eventually IOS, though likely not immediately. Rather than Game Maker, I am developing the new Tank Revolution game in Unity3D so you can expect far better performance and more advanced 3D effects!

Currently, I have finished developing the engine and I have created 10 different enemy types. I have to be careful while testing the game because it is addictive even to the creator! You can expect the first public alpha soon! Stay tuned.


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