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This news post shows the latest discoveries in the CoD2 modelling development through videos on Youtube. You can also watch them on the under the developer name of "MCh2207Cz".

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Our teammember - MCh2207Cz, after various tests, attempts and errors, has successfully discovered a way how to make custom animations for CoD2. This means that the team can now equip "animation-less" weapon models with their own ones.
The first try in this field was a test-purpose (and as well not fitting into Back2Fronts topic) M16A3 animation using CoD4 animation source from its modding tools. It was a learning subject.
The second try was a SW 357 animation import from xanim_export files in CoD WaW modding tools. It was an attempt to use some cool CoD Waw animations for our purposes.
We can say that both tests were almost 100% successful (the CoD WaW imports have some minor, almost unvisible issues).

We also want to inform all potential readers/viewers/fans/etc. that most of our mod team is experiencing hard days right now because new school terms have just begun or will begin soon, as well as ending holidays etc. So there may not be a lot of updates in near future. Thanks for understanding...

M16A3 and SW 357 complete animation pattern.

The result of all this a brand new animation - FG42F, which is still in development, but is in phase that can be already showed to public.

CoD2 B2F FG-42F scoped (work in progress)
FG-42F scoped ADS animation.

CoD2 B2F FG-42F scoped (work in progress)
FG-42F scoped complete animation pattern.

NOTE: All videos are from testing so they do not have to contain all features of the final mod. Also in the final mod some features which can be seen in these videos could be omitted.


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