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The last content update of 2017 brings you two new spaceships and four new weapon turrets! In addition, I want to present you a Roadmap for the next months.

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New spaceships

The last content update of 2017 brings you two new spaceships: the Manua-class battleship and the Heimdall-class cruiser. They were made by the same artist who created the Var-class and Haika-class spaceships. The new spaceships have properties similar to the Demeter-class and Zeus-class, but with a different design style.

The new spaceships can be either bought at any shipyard when you upgrade your current ship or you can select them when creating a new game. To unlock these ships, you just need the second and third "The clock is ticking..." achievement, i.e. you must have played Galactic Crew for around two hours.

New spaceship weapon turrets

This updates also introduces four new spaceship weapon turrets: three new beam laser weapons (light, medium and heavy) as well as a new medium sniper laser turret. The beam lasers are stronger than the normal laser weapon turrets, but are much rarer to find. Of course, you can buy them at any shipyard, if you don't want to wait for an enemy to drop them!

Roadmap for the next two months

As I wrote in the last update news, there won't be any news or update next week, because I make a short vacation. Hoewever, I will still be available on Steam and via e-mail for player support!

After that, I will work on the co-op multiplayer and some other features, like new dungeon types, multiple save games, new language localizations, etc. Starting at 13th January, I will give you weekly overviews of my progress here on Steam, the game's website and on Twitter. I assume to finish a beta-version of the co-op multiplayer in mid February 2018.

I wish you all a happy new year!

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