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New ships are added for Space Marines, Imperial Navy, Adeptus Mechanicus, Chaos Legions, Necrons and Orks. Here is a full list and some tips for each new ship!

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Imperial Navy:

Light Cruisers:

Enforcer: Dauntless with side hangars and prow lance, lance turrets for a fast carrier to chase enemies with.
Defender: Dauntless with prow and turret lances, against armoured enemies.


Duke: Has better speed and long range lighter macros, like the Revenge. Good against eldar, escorts.
Relentless: prow nova, 4 hangars, a dedicated carrier.

Repulsor: A Dictator with macros replaced by lances. Better against armoured targets.
Ambition: prow torps, short range heavy batteries like Chalice. A short range fighter ship.

Battle Cruisers:

Mercury: Overlord like 2 plasma macros, lance turrets with a Nova instead of torpedoes. Faster but less durable ship, good at keeping range.
Implacable (Long Serpent) : Nova, ap batteries, lance turrets. Good against armoured foes.
Dominion: hangars and Lances broadside, lance turrets, nova. A more anti armour Mars.
Jovian: 2 hangars, lance turrets, nova, this ship is a dedicated long range carrier.
Chalice: Has short range 4,5k but very powerful macros, torpedoes, macro turrets . Short range fight ship.
Neptune: Battlecruiser Gothic, lances and lance turrets and torpedoes. Medium range, medium damage lance bc, good against armoured foes.
Orion: Armageddon with macro turrets and prow nova, a more range oriented generalist ship.
Cardinal: A chaos style old vessel, has lots of short range lance turrets, long range lance broadsides. Neptune does medium damage at all ranges, Cardinal low at long range but gets heavy at short range compared to the Neptune, good against short range heavy armour ships.

Grand Cruiser:

Revenge: Long range, extra accurate macros, but lighter damage. Better rate of fire. Good against eldar and escorts.
Corinus: A loyalist Repulsive, less fast but has more close range macros. A good all round damage dealer.
Annihilator: a GC with 4 13,5k lances, loyalist Executor, good against heavily armoured foes.
Governor: An Exorcist variant with lances instead of macros, good against armoured foes.
MODIFIED: Avenger: Now has 4 regular macros, and 4 short range heavy macros, for short range fights.


Invincible: Slightly faster than the Retribution, but slightly less durable. Has macro turrets instead of lances, torpedoes. This ship handles like a more close combat oriented Retribution.
Vanquisher: macro turrets, Torpedos, 1 macro 2 lance per broadside. This ship has a balanced lance and macro loadout for all tasks.
Victory: Longer range version of the Apocalypse with lance turrets, but lower lance damage than the Apoc. A very long range lance boat, but does only regular battleship lance damage, has nova.
Apocalypse has extra powerful lances.
Terra: 2 macros, 1 lance, lance turrets, nova. A balanced ship like the Vanquisher, but with nova instead of torpedoes.
Majestic: Emperor with its turrets and broadside replaced by lance versions, has sensors. A lance version of the Emperor, best against heavily armoured enemies.
Reprisal: Prow torpedoes, macro turrets, 2 macros 1 hangar. A more close combat oriented Emperor with smaller fighter coverage.
Nemesis: Heavy lance turrets, sensors, 3 hangars, heavy sensors. Can reveal large areas of the map, is a super carrier.

Space Marines:


Battle barge Mark III Basileus: BB with close range heavy batteries, bombardments, extra hangars instead of prow lance/torpedoes, heavy melee ship with lots of ordenance.
Battle barge Mark IV Alcazar: BB with nova instead of prow lance/torpedoes, bombardment cannons, plasma macros, good at ranged combat against escorts especially.

Strike Cruiser:

Flamewrought: SC with macros, bombardment turret and prow nova. Good against hordes of escorts.

Adeptus Mechanicus:

Space marine style ships used by the Mechanicus have better armour like SM ships, but only Mechanicus boarding values, and less weapon damage at long range compared to regular Mechanicus ships. These are more durable but less powerful at long range.


Sicaran: Vanguard with lance turret and prow lance, hangar and macro broadsides. Anti armour ship.
Skitarius: Vanguard with bombardment turret and torpedoes, hangar and macro broadsides, a close combat lc.


Kastelan: SM SC with lance turrets, prow lance, torpedoes, ap macros. An anti armour ship with more durability.
Questor: SM SC with bombardment turret, prow nova, torpedoes, regular macros. A close combat fighter ship.
Modified ship names: AM Gothic is Ryza, AM Lunar is Lucius, Tyrant is Tyrannus, Dictator is Praeceptor.
Graia: Am cruiser with 4 regular macros, a close combat cruiser.
Scorpius: AM cruiser with 4 hangars, a dedicated carrier.
Sydonia: AM cruiser with 2 hangar 2 lance, a carrier with some anti armour firepower.
Myrmidon: AM cruiser with 4 plasma macros for a dedicated long range artillery ship.
Secutor: Am cruiser with bombardment turret instead of lance and ap macros for medium range anti armour macrocannon fire.

Grand Cruisers:

Ballistari: Light long range macros, heavy long range lances, nova. A generalist ship like the Vengeance, but with more anti armour capability at the expense of slightly less macro power. Best used against heavily armoured foes.
Macrocarid: 4 hangars, 4 special lances with heavy damage but no ap, nova. A carrier with an above average damage output. Best used against low armour, high health enemies.
Thallax: 4 plasma 4 heavy plasma batteries, nova. A long range artillery ship with powerful volleys of macro fire.


Titanicus: BB1 with nova, better at close range combat.
Warmonger: BB2 with nova. better at long range combat.
IN upgraded battleships, all ships with prow nova and a very heavy lance turret and a heavy lance turret, these ships deal very high damage at any range:
Vigilus: Oberon style loadout, 1 macro 1 lance 1 hangar. A ship that is okey at everything but excels at nothing.
Atterus: 3 macros like the Retribution, thips ship is very powerful at close and medium ranges.
Nihilus: 3 Lances, like Victory, this is perhaps the most powerful ship at long range, especially against armoured foes.
Regnum : 1 macro 2 hangar broadsides, it is a carrier modeled after the Emperor so it has limited close range capabilities.
Arks : has only 1 heavy lance turret, but has much more health and shields, very durable ships:
Purgatus: Like Vanquisher, 1 macro 2 lance, a good balanced loadout against any foe.
Ordinatus: 1 hangar, 2 ap macros, like Reprisal this is a medium range gunship with its own hangars to protect against enemy ordenance.
Terminus: Macros like Retribution, this is a medium to close range fighter. Less good at range than the Atterus, but has more durability.
Victorius: Lances like Victory, this ship is like the Nihilus, but slightly worse at long range, but more durable.
Imperius: 2 hangar, 1 lance, like Majestic, this is a carrier with some anti armour capabilities.


Chaos Space Marine ships act in all ways like Space marine vessels and have space marine costs and boarding values. Usually they have more lances and less bombardment cannons than their loyalist counterparts.

SM style strike cruisers:
Ravager: prow lance, quad lance turret variant, this is a long range anti armour ship.
Feral: bombardment turret, torpedo variant, akin to the standard SM SC, a close combat ship.
Subjugator: prow hangar, quad lance turret variant, a longer ranged carrier compared to the loyalist version with less damage but longer range on its turret.
Regular Chaos style Cruisers:
Masscare: 1 hangar 1 ap macro, Devastation but with macros, this is a more anti eldar variant, better at closer ranges than the Devastation.
Mayhem : prow lance, 4 side hangars. Carrier cruiser, think of it as a downgraded Styx.
Inferno: Prow lance, side lance and side macro, this is an all round balanced ship for long range combat, akin to the Lunar, but with less damage and more range.
Plague Claw: Nurgle cruiser with prow and side lances, this is a less damaging but longer ranged Gothic.
Killfrenzy: Khorne cruiser with heavy short range macros, a very powerful but very short ranged fighter.


Lethe: 1 AP macro 1 hangar broadside, lance turrets. This is a more medium range style ship akin to the vanilla Hecate so it keeps in with the tabletop stats for the Hecate.
Phlegeton: merged macros, lance turrets. This is a battlecruiser Slaughter, a close range ship with medium damage against anything.
Cocytus: Heavy short range macros, macro turrets, this ship is a very close range brawler.
Agony: Slaanesh Styx with prow lance, this is a ship more suited than the Styx for long range sniping.
Fatebringer: Tzeentch Acheron with prow lance and lance turrets
MODIFIED SHIP: Hecate now has its macros replaced by lances, so it is a battlecruiser Devastation variant like in the tabletop model an fan rules of the Hecate.

Grand Cruisers:

Repugnant: Repulsive, with macros replaced by Lances. This is a fast ship against armoured foes.
Vindictive: Repulsive, with macros replaced by hangars, lances by bombardments, this is a dedicated carrier with a very powerful short range kick when cornered.
Goliath: 2 macros, 1 merged lance and 1 hangar per broadside. Kind of a macro GC with light hangar support, this ship can ward off smaller enemy bombings and still deal ranged damage.
Solace: Nurgle Repulsive with shorter range macros and bombardment turrets, this ship is a bit like the Avenger, powerful at close range, but faster if with less firepower.


Banelord: BB mark 1 khorne, a close range ship with heavy firepower.
Painlord: BB with bombardment turrets and prow lances. a jack of all trades good at any range.
Fatelord: BB with quad lance turrets and prow lances. a long range BB mark 2 style ship.
Plaguelord: BB with quad lances, and double hangars, akin to the Mark 3 Basileus BB with with long range and less damage on its guns, a heavy carrier.
Regular Chaos battleships:
Defiler: long range macros, macro turrets, prow torps, this ship is very good against eldar especially with all its rapid fire macro weaponry.
Blasphemer: faster, less hp, lance turrets, heavy short range macros, prow torps. This ship is like the Invincible, excelling at short range fights.
Desecrator: Desolator with 1 pair of lance replaced by hangars, has lance turrets, prow torpedoes. This ship is an anti armour lance ship with a small ordenance coverage to keep it protected.
Dethroner: 2 hangars 1 lance, macro turrets. prow torpedoes, this is a carrier with some weapons to defend itself with at long range.
Repressor: 2 macros 1 lance, lance turrets, prow torps, this ship is like the Vanquisher or Terra, offering a balanced loadout to be able to face any type of foe.
Amon: 1 macro 1 lance 1 hangar, lance turrets and prow torps, like the Oberon, this ship is a jack of all traders with some fighter coverage. Less powerful than the Repressor, but not vulnerable to bombing runs.
Warmaster: macro turrets, 2 heavy short range macro, 4 hangars, prow torpedoes, this ship is a carrier geared for close combat fighting.
Corruptor: Superheavy carrier. Despoiler prow hangar and with 3 side hangars, even more attack craft than Nemesis, but lacks it super sensors.
Torment: Slaanesh Despoiler with 3 ap macros on the sides, this is a long range artillery ship with its own fighter coverage against opportunist bombing runs.
Sword of Sacrilage: Desolator with lance turrets and Despoiler prow, so it is a long range lance ship with its own hangar coverage. Has more lances than the Desecrator, but lacks it close range torpedo threat.
Terminus Est: Nurgle Despoiler with its side macros replaced by lances for a longer range anti armour carrier like the Majestic.
Eternity of pain: Macro broadsides and bombardment turrets, prow torpedoes for Khorne battleship. More dangerous than the Defiler at close range, more dangerous than the Blasphemer at long range, this ship is an all around macro bombardment ship that can be dangerous at any range.


Battleships Only:

Deffdeala: all kannon battleship for short range very good firepower.
Slamblasta: All zap, all lance battleship with looted imperial/sm lances. Excels at long range.
Gorbag's Revenge: Even more hangars, long range carrier with the few weapons it has being zapps.

Modified ship: Hammer Smaka now has looted tau ion cannon broadsides, good against heavy armour.


Light cruisers:
Shade: More particle lance variant, good against armoured targets.


Sentinel: More durable but with less weapons, this is a ship designed to take damage.
Hunter: Faster but with less weapons, this ship is designed to chase down smaller enemies.


Destroyer: More particle lance variant, good against armoured foes.

Grand cruisers:

Calamity: GC with Hangars replaced with particle lances, a good all round ship with high health.


Crone: battlship with some lightning macros replaced by particle lances, good against armoured foes, slightly less against escorts and swarms than the Cairn.


... For some reason both Victory-class and Apocalypse-class have lances that deal 30 dmg, with Apocalypse-class being actually less powerful due to longer reload time...

... And IIRC Victory-class can't extend the range of her lances like that in-universe...

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