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BTS is going to release a demo and a beta very soon, let's discuss that and also details on our new available ships!

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Every now and then we receive messages from the community, eager to go out to space and start living adventures. Our team is working really hard to make this possible and for that end we want to announce that we will release a demo that will help you learn about all the game system and the world of BTS. When playing it, you will experience the adventures of Captain Scott and its crew around two playable sectors full of events.

While you are at it, we keep working hard on updates, many of them will be available in the next beta:

• New boarding system for abandoned ships: There are many abandoned ships scattered around “Between the Stars” universe. All of them will offer the option to explore them in search of treasure fitting for the most intrepid captains. These boardings will be an specific event generated dynamically. The more you advance in your exploration the bigger the chance to obtain higher rewards, as long as you make it out alive. Will you risk your crew in hopes of a nice extra? Or will you play it safe and be content with the scraps easily accessible? Your call.

• New playable ships: We keep increasing the ammount of ships available in the game. These are some of our new additions:


A S Class space cruiser with great agility and combat speed. Its hull has little resistance and it has small capacity for shields, so it is not suited for short range combat. However, its ability to sneak pass enemies has made it quite popular between armies and smugglers alike. Ideal for captains that enjoy infiltrating the most hidden places of the galaxy.

XJ-443 is a S class space cruiser with great agility


The CW-953 is a C Class cruiser, usually employed to transport middle size loads in dangerous zones. With its nine engines it is able to obtain a good acceleration despite the weight of the ship and its cargo. It is an old model but still widely employed, some pirates like to take advantadge of its size to modify it adding more weapons. Thanks to its constitution and size, it works pretty well as a shield.

The CW-953 is a C Class cruiser fitting to transport middle size loads


The CW-453W is a C Class cruiser versatile and well-balanced. Its cheap manufacture cost makes it one of the most common ships in the Republic fleet. It also offers spacious room for crew and cargo. One of its weak points is its lack of agility and acceleration. It works just fine in static long distance fights.

The CW-453W is a C Class cruiser versatile and cheap


The crown jewel and the ship you will play in the demo, this last generation SC Class cruiser is one of the most advanced ships of the whole Republic Armada. It boast of a great firepower and a formidable defense thanks to its reinforced hull and its powerful shields. The few available units of this model are reserved to captains that have an astonishing battle experience or a high rank. So if you are commanding one... congratulations.

The KP-564SC is a SC Class cruiser, the proud of the Republic

•Photography system: Use the camera to your liking and configure its parameters so you can obtain the most amazing picture. Download them directly to your computer or share them with your friends through the Steam screenshot share system.

With the photography system you will be able to take screenshots to show your friends

• Interface redesign: We are working on a new interface version more friendly and with a better integration, this design will be available in the demo. Greetings, captains!

loketuff - - 153 comments

where is the demo ?

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TheBullet Author
TheBullet - - 23 comments

We are currently working on it. Right now the game is being developed and this update was to announce it will release in the future.

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loketuff - - 153 comments

cant wait ;D

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