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New servers are up, a new launcher is released, free respecs and heirloom exchanges are available in the cRPG Discord!

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New Launcher - New Servers - Respecs - Heirloom Exchanges

Mod repairs and reconstruction are moving along well. This week we have a few different items to announce to the community!

New Launcher

launcher 1

A new launcher/installer has been created to update the game to the current version! It can be downloaded HERE.

New Servers!

servers 1

Our new servers are up! Players will now be able to join a variety of different servers and game modes! The servers that have come online in this update include:

  • NA_cRPG_1 Battle Server (Official)
  • EU_cRPG_1 Battle Server (Official)
  • NA_cRPG_2 Siege Server (Official)
  • EU_cRPG_2 Siege Server (Official)
  • NA_cRPG_7 Defend the Virgin Server (Official)
  • EU_cRPG_7 Defend the Virgin Server (Official)
  • CN_CRPG Battle Server (Official Connection Pending)

Free Respecs "Training Lessons"


Players looking to redistribute their skill and attribute points can apply for a free respec from head EU admin Uther in the cRPG Discord. Uther will give them the free respec, known as "Training Lessons" on the website allowing them to to redistribute their skill and attribute points with no penalties. (Free Respecs now only available to new players, veteran/returning players must pay a 100000 gold fee)

Free Heirloom Exchanges


Players looking to swap some of their heirloomed items for other items of equal heirloom quality can apply for free Heirloom Exchanges from head EU admin Uther in the cRPG Discord. Uther will then send the requesting player the free Heirloom Exchanges allowing them to turn their undesired heirlooms into the heirlooms they want. (Free Heirloom Exchanges now only available to new players, veteran/returning players must pay a 100000 gold fee)

cRPG Discord

A cRPG Discord has been set up for all things cRPG. Specific to this patch join the cRPG Discord to reach Uther the head EU admin to apply for Free Respecs and Heirloom Exchanges! The discord also has a variety of other uses, among them:

  • Announcements Channel - Receive announcements about the mod directly from the Dev Team.
  • General Chat - Discuss all things cRPG with the community.
  • Bug Report Channel - Aid in the production of cRPG by reporting bugs to the Dev Team.
  • cRPG Bot Channel - Get updates on server population directly from the cRPG Bot.
  • Balance Channel - Discuss possible balance changes in coming patches to the game.
  • cRPG Revival Channel - Discuss the current ongoing revival of cRPG - Interested in contributing join the team!

Join the cRPG Discord by clicking HERE

We look forward to seeing you in the field!

NA 1 Battle

Ikarooz - - 11 comments

Outstanding work, it´s amazing how fast changes are happening now :o

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njames89 Author
njames89 - - 213 comments

Thanks! The real credit goes to Dupre, Horns, Pestdoktor and the Donkey Crew that have been getting everything set up!

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