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Beware our new giant character... plus a little update on the game progress (and a little pleading for you to consider voting our game Indie of the Year)

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Hi, everyone! this is Igor again :)

- First, I have to say I am excited to show you for the first time the prototype of a character that is a feature itself: the blob monster!! It occupies 9 squares and is ready to squash away all enemies.



Since we're also developing for iPads and iPhones, we're uncertain we're going to be able to use this look for the finished version. It is heavy and right now it makes the game crash sometimes even in our computers (which are not the most wonderful machines anyways). Another reason is that it may not be blending very well with the other characters. But since you're a few privileged followers of this project, you get to see how it is in its initial stage :)

- You'll also notice that the GUI (even though still a bit buggy) has been slightly improved.

- A minor update (I don't think it's very noticeable) is that we toughened the orcs a bit. Now they almost don't fit their own square. Their AI is getting better and better, too, but that is something you won't be able to see until you try the game.

- Which reminds me of asking you to spread the word about the game - the more people are waiting for it, the harder we work to finish it sooner. We're right now polishing our alpha, eliminating shenanigan bugs and improving lines and lines codes so the game is smooth when launched.

- Oh and by the way -- have you noticed you can now vote for us for the Indie of the Year awards here in IndieDB? If you have a moment, please do!! And tell your friends, too -- just to be in the top 100 would be the most awesomest thing that would happen to us - a very hardworking team - in the whole year.

Thank you all for your support -- we're having a blast using IndieBD.

See ya next time!

Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

I voted about 3 days ago. I hope you guys make it to the top 100!

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iggynore Author
iggynore - - 43 comments

Thanks a lot!!

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