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A new set of screenshots for the upcoming PC Game, The Cinema Rosa, an exploration game set in an abandoned cinema. Coming to PC, Mac and VR (virtual reality).

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The Cinema Rosa (Name Change and New Screenshots):

So after long deliberation, we have decided to change the name from Projection to The Cinema Rosa. Projection, our working title, has been used for various other video games and we believe it is important to have a unique name to stand out in the crowd.

New Screenshots:

We have been busily at work with the latest alpha build, which includes roughly 50% of the gameplay expected in the final game.

Here is a new screenshot of the opening sequence:

Part of our work has been the creation of several new rooms, such as a new office environment:

New Details:

We've also been busily at work adding details to existing areas, including a new fireplace to the piano room and several small notes and other micro-details that add gameplay value:

Work on dream sequences:

Finally, there has been further work put into the current dream sequences, including the creation of an Oxford building (pictured below) and the introduction of moving boats etc (also pictured below).


For further details, please follow us here on IndieDB!! :)

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